BlueStacks Tweaker

by 4pda

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: 4pda

Last revision: Last week

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BlueStacks Tweaker is a free program designed for detailed setup of the famous android emulator BlueStacks.

The BSTweaker utility is a small portable application with a simple Russified interface consisting of only two tabs. The main tab "General" contains the main application settings. Here users can find full information about BlueStacks emulator installed on their computer (software version, system and SDCard memory, application installation folder, data storage folder and shared folders). In addition, the "General" interface contains settings that allow you to change many parameters directly related to the work of the emulator. Using them, you can set the right size for the system and memory card, change the size of the emulator's RAM, change the standard of graphics processing (OpenGL, DirectX 9, DirectX 11), set the appropriate size of the window and the resolution of the emulator screen. You can also change the storage folder and set up shared folders. Additional BSTweaker options include editing tools and ID parameters, such as GUID (IMEI), AndroidID and Google Advertising ID. In addition, the advanced settings of the utility allow you to interact with services that run during the BlueStacks emulator: BS Android, BS Log Rotator, BS Updater, etc. Thanks to them, the user no longer has to run the Windows Task Manager to disable or pause any running process.

BlueStacks Tweaker also has special features that allow you to start, stop, restart and completely disable the emulator. Also, users of the program can use such functions as support of work with several profiles, in each of which you can set your own settings and the ability to use different models of emulated devices. For example, choose an ASUS Nexus 7 tablet, HTC EVO smartphone or any other android device.

In the additional tab of the "Experimental" utility there are some specific settings, namely the tools for installing Xposed (programs to change the settings of applications, firmware, patches and add-ons to the operating system). There is also functionality for working with Google accounts, a tool for editing the BSProp system file and a function for working with the console (command line).

Blair (unverified)
If you have BlueStacks emulator then this Tweaker is a must. It just expands the emulator into a powerhouse, and makes it frankly so much easier to use, not to mention "not use". I mean, the "complete disable" function is really handy.
Isaac (unverified)
If you have BlueStacks emulator then this easy to use Tweaker is a must. Plus it's FREE! Why pay for something that just expands on an already amazing program?
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