Chrome-based Coowon Browser has features designed specifically for online gamers

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Coowon is a browser for browser games lovers. It, like most other modern Internet browsers, is built on the engine Chromium. This makes the program as fast and stable as Google Chrome and supports all the most useful features of the latter: synchronization of data between devices, installation of extensions, quick access panel, hybrid search bar and so on.

In general, the advantages of Chromium browsers are known to every more or less active user of the network. But the functionality of the Coowon browser should be described in more detail. One of its most interesting features is the ability to change the "speed" of the games. That is, you can slow down or, conversely, speed up the passage of time in some "browser" to reduce the expectation of a particular game event, or more accurately perform a certain operation. This feature can be safely referred to as "reading", because it gives a significant advantage in many single-player games. Luckily, most multiuser projects do not have the acceleration and deceleration of time. Another interesting feature of Coowon allows you to record the gameplay and save the video in the computer memory. In addition, the browser allows you to "pour" the video on popular hosting sites and share it with friends.

For those who prefer the gamepad of a familiar mouse and keyboard, Coowon offers the ability to connect their favorite input device to some games. The user is even prompted to set up the assignment of keys, bumpers and sticks. Note that by default the browser only supports controllers that support Xinput.

Among other features that will be useful for surfing rather than playing "browsers", there is the ability to close the tabs by double-clicking, the ability to authorize two different accounts in separate tabs, support for gesture navigation and the ability to adjust the transparency of the browser windows.

- acceleration and deceleration of time in browser games;

- of the gameplay recording;

- Rapid recovery of accidentally closed tabs;

- authorization in two accounts on the same service;

- double-click to close the tab;

- the ability to connect a gamepad;

- Setting the degree of transparency of individual browser windows;

- support for extensions from Google Chrome browser (as well as all other advantages of the Chromium engine);

- navigation with mouse gestures.

Coowon is a browser that's housed on the Google Chrome browser. If you really enjoy some of Chrome's most popular features, like the ability to restore a tab that's been closed, or the ability to log into different accounts that you own in alternate tabs, then you should check out Coowon, since it also enables web gamers to execute some tasks while playing games.
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