xInput Controller Tester

by Fred Wood

The XboxInput Controller Tester software is a tool that allows users to test the functionality of their Xbox controllers.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Fred Wood

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The Xbox Input Controller Tester (XICT) is a powerful software designed to streamline the testing process of Xbox controllers. This software is designed to give gamers and developers a comprehensive and intuitive way to analyze and diagnose any issues with their Xbox controllers.

XInput Controller Tester allows users to easily test and troubleshoot Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.

• Test Xbox controllers with ease: XICT makes it easy to test any Xbox controller, allowing users to quickly identify any issues and get back to gaming.

• Intuitive user interface: XICT’s user interface is designed with gamers in mind, providing an intuitive way to test any Xbox controller.

• Automated testing: XICT provides an automated process for testing Xbox controllers, making it easy to quickly identify any issues.

• Comprehensive analysis: XICT provides comprehensive analysis of the controller’s performance, giving users a detailed look at any issues.

• Logging system: XICT provides a logging system to help users troubleshoot any issues with their controllers.

• Customizable tests: XICT provides customizable tests, allowing users to tailor the testing process to their specific needs.

• Support for multiple controllers: XICT supports multiple Xbox controllers, making it easy to test any controller.

• Support for multiple platforms: XICT is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, allowing users to test any controller on any platform.

• Easy to use: XICT is designed to be easy to use, allowing users to quickly get up and running with the software.

• Comprehensive support: XICT includes comprehensive support, allowing users to get help with any issues they may have.

• Free updates: XICT is regularly updated with new features and enhancements, ensuring users always have access to the latest version.

XICT makes it easy to test any Xbox controller, allowing users to quickly identify any issues and get back to gaming. With its intuitive user interface, automated testing process, comprehensive analysis, logging system, customizable tests, and support for multiple controllers, XICT provides an easy and comprehensive way to test any Xbox controller. XICT is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, and is regularly updated with new features and enhancements. With its easy to use design and comprehensive support, XICT is the perfect tool for testing any Xbox controller.
The minimum system requirements for the Xbox Input Controller Tester software are as follows:

- Windows 10, 8.1, or 7
- .NET Framework 4.6 or higher
- USB port for controller connection
- Xbox Wireless Controller (optional)
- Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows (optional)
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1. XInput Controller Tester is easy to use and intuitive. 2. It allows you to test all buttons, sticks and triggers of Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers. 3. It gives detailed feedback on response times and input latency. 4. The software includes a large number of presets for different controller configurations. 5. It can be used to troubleshoot controller issues. 6. The graphical user interface is modern and user friendly. 7. The software is lightweight and does not consume a lot of system resources. 8. It has a comprehensive set of tools for testing and calibrating controllers. 9. It is compatible with a wide range of controllers. 10. The software is regularly updated with new features.
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