by The Pirate Bay

Bundle package of the Tor client for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The Pirate Bay

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PirateBrowser is a free program that allows you to bypass regional restrictions of some web resources. Recently, the authorities of various countries have introduced mechanisms for blocking individual sites on the network. This practice is worldwide, so browsers like this are very popular.

This browser is based on Tor, with the difference that PirateBrowser does not guarantee complete anonymity of the user in the network, but only helps him to get access to a resource blocked in his country. If we do not take into account the functionality to combat regional restrictions, we are facing the standard Firefox with all the resulting advantages and disadvantages. By the way, the browser is initially equipped with several useful extensions that significantly speed up the loading of web pages. You will need them very much, because when using proxies PirateBrowser greatly reduces the speed of access to the network. As a result, you are unlikely to be able to work comfortably with streaming services. Only paid VPN clients are suitable for this purpose.

PirateBrowser does not require installation on a computer. After downloading the archive, it is enough to unpack it and run the executable file. After that, the browser window opens directly, as well as the control panel Vidalia, which allows you to quickly connect and disconnect from the proxy. PirateBrowser also adds its own icon to the notification panel, with the help of which you can call up graphs of changes in network speed and the volume of downloaded/transmitted data.

- providing access to web resources blocked in your country;

- using a proxy;

- functionality identical to that of Firefox (in fact, it is);

- Quick connection and disconnection from the servers;

- Display graphs of changes in network access speed;

- A set of extensions that help you download web pages faster;

- working in a portable mode.

Pirate Browser for windows used to browse a website in a private manner to maintain the privacy of the user the following are the few advantages using Pirate browser in windows. 1. We can anonymous surfing during browsing a content in browser 2. It contains the package of FoxyProxy included to browse 3. Its a user friendly browsing app in windows 4. user interface is very familiar with many of the users.
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