by Zanoza Software

Allows users to create 3D models

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Zanoza Software

Release: ZModeler

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91074

ZModeler is a software application that allows users to create models.  It is used mainly by creators that work with video games.  It allows you to be very flexible in your creations and create a vast variety of objects.  It is especially useful when creating vehicles.  One thing that makes ZModeler stand out from other similar applications is its extensive functionality. 


  •   A full set of editing tools that allow you to move, scale and rotate objects according to your individual needs
  •  Several different work models with axes
  •  All kinds of geometric shapes can be drawn and used in your modeling
  •  Exportation can be made to a wide variety of formats

The download will require you to have a ZIP compatible compressor in order to use the program.  Once you experience the trial version, you will definitely want to upgrade to the paid version to obtain full functionality.  This program will allow you to create real-time renderings for just about any time of video game you are interested in.  The interface can be a bit overwhelming because it allows a user to create just about anything, from the most simple to the most complex designs.  It is not for the novice, it is created for a user with more advanced knowledge of 3D modeling.  Keep in mind that if you tend to create more complex designs, you may need a considerable amount of RAM memory on your computer to facilitate it.

This software is better because it is very flexible and allows you to be creative and create models from scratch.

Overall, ZModeler is an excellent modeling application for the more knowledgeable 3D modeler.  There is a tremendous amount of creativity that can be released when an advanced user gets behind the wheel of this software.  Another plus to this application is that it does not require installation – just a zip file and off you go!

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