by pxb1988

dex2jar is a tool for converting Android .dex and Java .class files to Java .class files that can be used on any Java Virtual Machine.

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Dex2jar is a software tool that allows users to convert Android .dex and Java .class files to Java .jar files. This software is an open source project written in Java and released under the Apache License.

Dex2jar is a tool for converting Android .dex and Java .class files to Java .jar files, making them easier to analyze and work with.


* Convert Android .dex and Java .class files to Java .jar files
* Supports multiple versions of the Android SDK
* Supports the DEX optimizer
* Supports the Proguard optimizer
* Supports the Smali optimizer
* Automatically decompiles Android .dex and Java .class files
* Supports command line operations
* Supports drag-and-drop of files for conversion
* Creates an output folder for converted files
* Supports multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.)
* Compatible with popular IDEs (Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans, etc.)
* Easy to use graphical user interface

In order to use the Dex2jar tool, the user must have an Android device with a compatible version of the Android OS installed. The user must also have the Dex2jar tool installed on their device. Additionally, the user must have the Java Development Kit and the Android SDK installed on their computer in order to be able to compile the code generated by Dex2jar.

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Ollie W*******i

Dex2Jar is an excellent software for converting Android .dex files into Java .class files. It is easy to use and provides a reliable conversion process. I would highly recommend this software for anyone who needs to convert .dex files.
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James D*****g

Dex2jar is a powerful tool for reversing Android applications. It can quickly decompile and convert .dex and .apk files into .jar files. The speed and accuracy of the process are very impressive. The software is also easy to use, with a straightforward GUI and clear instructions. The generated .jar files are compatible with most decompilers. Overall, dex2jar is a great choice for Android reverse engineering.
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Adam Grapes

Dex2jar is a useful tool for decompiling Android applications. It is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive user interface. It works well, quickly and reliably with most applications. The whole process from decompiling to re-compiling is very fast. Additionally, it is free and regularly updated. Overall, it is a great tool for decompiling, and it is worth a try.
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Andrew U.

1. Dex2jar is an easy to use tool for converting Android dex files to jar files. 2. I found it very useful for decompiling and debugging Android applications. 3. The GUI is simple and intuitive and the conversion process is fast. 4. I found it quite useful when trying to understand the inner workings of an Android app. 5. It allowed me to quickly and easily identify any issues with code.
Cooper Kardaras

The ability to convert Android application packages (.apk files) to Java source files (.jar files) is a useful feature.
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