by Simon Bridger

Terminal application for Windows serial communications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Simon Bridger

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

RealTerm is a multifunctional TCP terminal that can be used to capture and debug data, as well as to save a log file for further analysis. The program allows network administrators to work with both binary and other data streams. But support for BBS and Dial Up modems in RealTerm is not provided. Take this into account when selecting the terminal.

The graphical shell of the program is intuitive: the upper part of the main window occupies directly the terminal window, and the lower part is selected for various parameters of data displaying. There's a lot of them here. RealTerm allows you to switch between binary code, ASCII, ANSI, HEX, UNIT16, FLOATt4, INT8, as well as to use combinations of encodings (e.g., ASCII+Hex). The lower panel also contains tabs with ports, software/hardware/protocol flow control parameters, as well as a tab with the digital connection manager.

When saving the TXT file with the report, the terminal offers the function of adding a time stamp before each data line. By the way, you can specify the path of saving this very file yourself. Among other "conveniences" of RealTerm it is necessary to note support of hotkeys. Incredibly useful feature that will help in processing complex data streams.

Despite the general intuitiveness and relative ease of use, we cannot recommend this program to beginners. RealTerm is focused exclusively on experienced network administrators.

- tools for capturing and debugging network data;

- saving the log file (TXT) for further analysis;

- support for ANSI, ASCII, INT8, HEX, NIBBLE, FLOAT4, UNIT8 and binary code;

- adding a time stamp before each report line;

- management of hardware, software and protocol flow control parameters;

- hotkey support;

- port management.

I was in desperate need of a new multi-functional TCP terminal, and I was ecstatic when I found RealTerm. I found the user interface to be very intuitive and I was able to switch between a variety of data types. RealTerm even has support for hotkeys, which helped with my need for easy streamlining of my work.
Easy to understand debugging program, nice interface, multiple options, does not take much space in your HDD
A free to use software,RealTerm is a multi functional program used to seize and debug data and information let alone saving a log file for later examination.Network managers can utilise this crucial tool to work with binary and other data streams.It would really help a user who is desperately in need of a multi-functional TCP terminal.Its user interface is very inherent and thus one can switch between various data types.It also has hotkeys that enhance easy streaming of a users work.It also does not occupy much of the HDD space on the users PC
Its a grate exposer lots of handy options are their to scan, Manipulate and Interrogate the data. It has an automation support so it can be used in serial component,In this commands can be send to running instance. It is so easiest to use.
RealTerm is very efficient software. It is easy to use and works as advertised. To me, this is the best terminal software. Hand down to the developers. I use the terminal a lot, that's why I found it very useful and handy. It also has some cool features like phone unlocking support for Samsung, capturing and sending files, etc. Overall, the design team also did a great job.
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