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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DScaler

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Last revision: Last week

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DScaler is a program used to watch TV. It contains a large number of filters to improve the sharpness of the image, eliminate interference, hide the logos of TV channels and others. By using filter overlays, it is possible to achieve image quality that is many times higher than that of a conventional TV. It is possible to view teletext, save individual frames and stream video, and select a broadcasting system.

The program doesn't need any drivers for the TV tuner. It can be used with all cards made on BT848/849/878/879 chips, as well as Philips SAA713X and Conexant CX2388x.

The intensive development and improvement of DScaler's work is due to the openness of the source code, which allows everyone to make additions to it.

DScaler is an opensource program that can be used to watch TV. THe program has many filters and functions built in to improve image clarity, remove logos, and improve the picture over what a conventional tv could offer. The source code is open source and has been able to be improved by users adding and expanding its functionality.
Dscaler is effective in utilizing different attributes in media such as videos and or tv. You can adjust all kinds of parameters you might not be able to adjust otherwise and resave the videos in a more attractive way of watching the video.
DScaler has been a very effective way of enhancing my TV-watching experience. This simple program is able to enhance video quality and eliminate text on screen. It is constantly being updated, and I can't imagine going back to watching television shows in any other way!
DScaler is a piece of software that captures video, processes it, and scales it for presentation on a projector or computer monitor
DScaler is a piece of software that grabs analog, interlaced video, and deinterlaces it to make it a progressive scan feed, then allows scaling to any resolution for use on your computer monitor or projector
DScaler TV is an amazing product, which screen is a very quality and very powerful CPU. CPU is the main advantage in this DScaler TV .having much storage capacity. the screen is designed very attractively. and the body of this TV will be very beautiful. then I will give the rating for this 10/10 (10 out of 10).because this battery power is too powerful.so, this TV will very useful for all computer users mainly for software engineers.
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