IP-TV Player

by BorPas-Soft

This is an opensourced multi media player

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BorPas-Soft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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IP-TV Player is a program for convenient viewing of IP-TV for those to whom the provider provides this service. The program is based on the famous VideoLAN VLC and represents its more convenient shell. Besides, IP-TV Player is recommended to providers as a ready-made solution for users - installation and automatic configuration for IPTV clients with the help of IP-TV Player takes place in a few clicks.

In addition to viewing channels, recording is also possible. Moreover, recording in IP-TV Player is just a recording, i.e. it is a simple copying of the received data to the hard disk without any load on the processor. With sufficient bandwidth of the subscriber line, the program allows you to simultaneously record several other channels while watching one channel (unless the provider, of course, does not block such a possibility).

IPTV (also known as DVB-IP or TVoIP) is NOT Internet Television. It only uses this data transmission protocol to send video content, but is not connected to the Internet. The IPTV service is provided by YOUR PROVIDER, transmitting video streams through its transport network, followed by viewing the channels on a computer or a special set-top box (Set-Top Box). IPTV resembles regular cable television, only it comes into the house not through a coaxial cable, but through the same channel as the Internet (Ethernet). If your provider does not provide this service or only through a set-top box, you do not need IP-TV Player. Also, if the provider encrypts the channels, the player will be useless for you, too.

- viewing open (unencrypted) threads of http, udp-multicast, etc;

- partially supports TV tuners via WDM driver;

- separate settings for each channel;

- possibility of recording a stream into a file (without recoding);

- customizable OSD at the bottom of the video window;

- a list of channels in the video window;

- support hotkeys for video management;

- TV program support in JTV format (automatic download, unpacking, matching, export to HTML);

- recording/viewer scheduler;

- Background recording of any number of channels (limited only by bandwidth).

This is a great software for anyone that loves watching tv, listening to music or watching videos. Most people use this as a relaxing time and I would definitely recommend this to everyone including friends, family and coworkers.
IP-TV player for windows is very easy to install in web browser like google chrome and firebox. This software helps movie related workers to access their professional duty. This is one of the video playing software. And also very easy to access all the peoples. This is virus free software to use in any type software. So don't fear to working on it.
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