TCP Optimizer


Allows you to easily optimize TCP/PS for IPv4 or IPv6 addresses

Operating system: Windows


Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TCP Optimizer is a program that allows you to maximize network connection speed with minimal delay. It should be noted that to work with the program you will need to have special knowledge of the network, so this utility is hardly useful for beginners. Note that TCP Optimizer may make unsafe changes to the network adapter driver. The insecurity is that by increasing the speed of the connection, some of the security systems and encryption algorithms that prevent the interception of personal data on the network can be disabled. In addition, the driver may banal refuse to work and you will have to "roll back" the system to the recovery point (be sure to create it before you start working with the program). In addition to making changes to the adapter driver, TCP Optimizer can also modify the registry keys.

In the main application window you can specify the connection speed specified by the provider and select a network adapter. The basic parameters of the adapter are a little bit lower. You can change them "manually" or simply select the Optimal mode. In this mode, the program sets the parameters as it sees fit.

But this approach won't give us much of a speed boost. All basic functionality of TCP Optimizer is concentrated in the "Adanced Settings" section, which, as we mentioned earlier, will be useful only for advanced users. You can download and use the program free of charge. You don't even have to install it to run it.

- allows you to assign various network adapter settings;

- allows you to achieve the maximum speed of connection to the network with special knowledge;

- can determine and set the optimum MaxMTU value;

- will be useful only to advanced users;

- does not require installation and is distributed completely free of charge.

TCP Optimizer is a software application that enables a user to boost their network connection rate without encountering any delay. It should be noted that this utility is not recommended for beginners, because you must have a specialized understanding of networks to use it.
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