Dynamic Web TWAIN

by Dynamsoft

Scan documents in a browser that are used for web applications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dynamsoft

Release: Dynamic Web TWAIN 12.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TWAIN Scanning SDK for Web Browers is a browser-based software program that takes only a small amount of JavaScript code to use with web applications.  It is compatible with different operating systems, including Windows, OS, and Linux. 


  • With TWAIN Scanning SDK, you can extract text from images, both Western text, and Arabic text.
  • With TWAIN Scanning SDK, you can convert .pdf text into images
  • With TWAIN Scanning SDK, it will support image saving in a various array of formats, including .jpg, .tiff.
  • TWAIN Scanning SDK has a barcode reader that will read linear barcodes, QRCode and DataMatrix.

Because TWAIN Scanning SDK is easy to use, has easy integration and takes only a few short lines of JavaScript, you can edit images quickly and more accurately than with another application.  TWAIN Scanning SDK is compatible with multiple operating systems and has a large number of features that make it a superior product.  TWAIN Scanning SDK supports session and cookie integration for HTTP uploading images. The added security features of TWAIN Scanning SDK alone make it a valuable addition.  TWAIN Scanning SDK has data encryption, HTTPS downloading and uploading and will store scanned images in memory that your company can be in compliance with all HIPPA laws.  And, if all of the above is not enough to convince anyone that TWAIN Scanning SDK is the perfect application for your business, whether it be large, small or somewhere in between, you can be sure that TWAIN Scanning SDK impressive list of global customers such as IBM, Lockheed Martin, PICS and VALID all agree that this application handles all of their needs seamlessly and impressively for such an easy to integrate software package.  Look forward, not back.  TWAIN Scanning SDK is the next greatest product in browser-based document scanning.

It takes on a small amount of Java Script.
Dante Jackson
TWAIN Scanning SDK is a browser based software program that gives you multiple options for document scanning. It only takes a small amount of JavaScript code, allowing the user to edit images more efficiently. Some of the features that TWAIN Scanning SDK offers are image text extraction, .pdf text conversion, and barcode/QRCode reading. This is a perfect application for anyone's business needs.
This allows for scanning from web applications and seems to do so in a very efficient and logical manner. I like this and definitely would continue to use this in the future. It can definitely assist everyone who is interested in scanning as it can work for an effective manner.
Archie Xiong
Dynamic web browser based document specially designed for web development
Dynamic Web TWAIN allows you to scan documents from your web browser and gives you the tools to edit and manage the documents before saving them. Additionally, you have the option to export them to different formats which is really useful to have. You can quickly edit them the ways you want and save, making this a powerful tool for those who manage a lot of documents.
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