File Transfer

by cDc

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: cDc

Last revision: Last week

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File Transfer is a program that allows you to exchange files in safe mode. With File Transfer you can use a direct P2P connection and send/download files from computers of your friends and acquaintances, and file exchange is possible even from under NAT and firewalls. Working with the program does not cause difficulties - to connect two computers, users must run on each of them File Transfer, determine which computer will work as a server and which one - as a client (the server is assigned a computer with a public IP) and specify in the settings of the program running on the client computer, the IP of the server computer. In the process of file sharing, the program displays a graph of file download speed and allows you to pause and resume downloads.

- file exchange between computers;

- Direct connection of computers (P2P);

- work from under NAT and firewalls.

David (unverified)
File transfer lets me directly have connections peer to peer and send files over without using some middle man in between during connections. This is very convenient, especially because it works through some firewalls and strict NATs. Even gives indicators for how fast the download is.
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