Resilio Sync (BitTorrent Sync)

by Resilio Inc

A proprietary peer-to-peer file synchronization tool available for multiple operating systems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Resilio Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync) is probably one of the easiest tools for synchronizing data between computers. Working with the program is as follows: immediately after installation you specify the folder to be used for synchronization. Any number of files and folders of unlimited size can be moved to it. If you run another copy of BitTorrent Sync on a third-party computer and have an Internet connection, the application will start downloading the data sent for synchronization to the "own" folder by itself. So you don't have to make any unnecessary body movements to move files from one computer to another. In the program settings you can set a limit on the speed of downloading files and set up pop-up notifications about the beginning and end of synchronization.

- allows you to synchronize an unlimited number of files;

- is simple and easy to set up;

- has a rich window of settings;

- supports pop-up notifications;

- can work in the background;

- is distributed free of charge.

BitTorrent got in trouble years ago for people sharing copyrighted files on it. Now this software offers a new, shinier, faster way of sharing illegal files. I would never use this. Ever. And I would discourage other people I know to never use it either.
I like this program, and the fact that the files are synced directly between people (no servers) for free, and can also do this without going over to every computer and copying the files which you have changes over to it.
Resilio Sync by Resilio, Inc. is a proprietary peer-to-peer file synchronization tool available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle Fire and BSD
Resilio Sync for Windows is fantastic. One of the great features is that it can sync files in many different situations - it can sync devices on local networks, as well as between more remote devices. And it works on many different systems, including the Kindle, Android phones, and Apple phones. Another amazing feature is that it has unlimited storage at very high speeds.
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