by Shareman

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Shareman

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.92728

Shareman is a set of programs that will help you relax and rest at your computer. It includes a file directory with a huge number of shows, movies and music available for download, a file sharing client, which allows you to easily share files with your friends using Shareman, as well as a download manager and a client for communication. The developers have wrapped up all this functionality in a nice and easy-to-use graphical interface.

You do not have to register to work with the program. Simply install the program, select the right tool and start working. In addition to the fact that users of this application can download almost any movie, song or series, they also have the ability to "expand" access to their own media library. The client uses the p2p algorithm for data exchange.

- provides users with a huge library of files available for download;

- has a built-in download manager and a player;

- allows you to chat with other users in voice chat;

- automatically sets up a firewall;

- has a convenient system for finding the right content;

- has a nice graphical interface.

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