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Fing is a utility software designed to help users keep track of all devices connected to their network

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Copyright Fing

Release: Fing 8.2.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Fing is a small utility program designed to help users keep track of devices connecting to their network. This is perfect for people who have multiple users on their network. Fing does a great job at helping you regulate just how much bandwidth everyone can have and keep it there.


  • Free to use
  • No built-in advertisements
  • Quick scan features
  • Easy connection management

 I think at some point or another we have all been plagued with a slow internet connection. We do everything we can to fix the problem to no avail. Only to find out several minutes later that someone decided to download or stream every single season of Game of Thrones. What Fing does is scan your network in real time and shows you all devices currently connected to your network. Once you identify the devices that are taking up too much bandwidth, you can limit the amount of information that device is allowed via your router.

Instantly speed up your connection by eliminating devices that are taking up your bandwidth.

 This program has personally helped me keep dozens of unknown users off my internet connection. In addition to that, it has helped me keep family members in line when it comes to their streaming and downloading habits. I am an avid gamer and if you game then you know the slightest activity can cause your games to lag and stutter. It used to be a major pain point for me before finding Fing. There are several other programs that claim to do what Fing can but the fact of the matter is those programs are mostly watered down and more of a hassle than I care to admit. Most, if not all of them have advertisements built into the program where it spams you every few minutes. Virtually rendering them useless for prolonged use. All in all, there is no reason to choose anything other than Fing for all your network managing needs.

Fing for Windows is an advanced network toolkit and sccanner. This is one of the many software that can do this but fing takes it to a whole other level. From the user interface to the actual functions of the brand, this is by far superior in all aspects. First of all, it is free meaning that anyone can downlod it as long as there system meets the requirements which most devices of today do. It also does advanced speed tests which can also benefit you and your computer.
Do you regularly face internet connectivity issues?Ever wonder who uses your network and has access to it? Is internet outages common with your ISP provider?. Fing For Windows is the answer to all these questions. It regularly monitors your internet connectivity health and notifies you, provides you with reports of the stability of your connections and other aspects important to keep your internet connection secure, fast and reliable.
Fing helps users stay connected to their networks, as well as providing a number of other neat features. Some of the features Fing includes are health check reports, keeping users on top of what’s going on within their network, and even more so with the addition of a community outlet to share reports. Fing also includes users on network outages and keeps a constant update on what’s currently down, out, etc. Aside from the main features, Fing also gives users in-depth device discovery network alerts and scanning.
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