Firefox Private Network

by Mozilla

Firefox Private Network is a security tool that hides your internet activities

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mozilla

Release: Firefox Private Network beta

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Firefox Private Network is a security program made by Mozilla, the folks who brought you the popular internet browser, Firefox. Internet security is something everyone wants, but very few have the luxury of having. Whether we know it or not, all of our internet activities are being monitored by third parties. The data these parties get from your browsing habits are sold to companies with the sole intention of selling you something. This might seem harmless at first, but when you realize these data collectors can see every little thing you are browsing, it tends to be unsettling. It's almost like taking a shower in a glasshouse, which is not the most private setting. Firefox Private Network gives us our privacy rights back in a number of ways.


  • Encrypt all the connections on your device
  • Hiding your IP address
  • Safeguard all apps
  • Protect yourself when using insecure public WIFI
  • Hide your browsing data from data collectors

One thing I've always hated about shopping online is anything that I browse through. I get a ton of emails and pop-ups for those items. I never understood how these companies knew that I looked at a product for less than a minute and sent me a bunch of information on the thing I was looking at. When I got introduced to Firefox Private Network, I learned some horrifying truths. Essentially, all internet users are being spied on. No matter if you are on a computer, phone, or tablet. Your every move is being watched, and that freaked me out. Firefox Private Network allows me to encrypt all of my internet activities, no matter what device I am on. I can safely look at things that I might want to buy, have private conversations online, etc.

Stay incognito to all forms of data colectors

Firefox Private Network can encrypt any application that needs to connect to the internet. That means data collectors won't be able to tell what you are doing at any given time, and the results are instant. After about twenty minutes of using Firefox Private Network, I noticed that I wasn't getting those annoying pop-up ads for things I viewed prior. In addition to that, I had peace of mind knowing that I am able to control the level of protection. I'm even able to stream, download, or game without any bandwidth restrictions because I can connect up to five devices at once. I almost always have my PC, tablet, and phone going all at once. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't use Firefox Private Network, I'd recommend it to anyone that wants to keep their internet activity private.

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