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FORScan is a program for computer diagnostics of Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury cars. It acts as a control device for the Obd2 adapter, which connects directly to the machine and transmits the data to the computer. Among its main features it is worth noting: processing data from sensors, determining the configuration of the on-board network, displaying important parameters of the vehicle, reading and resetting error codes, conducting various tests and service procedures.

After starting the program and connecting to the car, the main screen appears with 8 tabs in the left column. The very first option ("Vehicle and interface information") provides connection information. The second ("Reading codes and errors") - displays all current errors and warnings. The third ("Parameters") - fixes all important data in real time. And with the help of the button "Device settings" you can choose the parameters that will be displayed in the common table or in the oscilloscope. The fourth tab ("Vehicle tests") is used to test various elements. It is worth mentioning here that before running any test, you should read the relevant reference information to avoid further problems with incorrect data display. The fifth option gives access to the service functions, the sixth option gives access to the configuration and programming menu of the sensors, the seventh option gives access to the program settings and the eighth option gives access to the extended license key. Using all of the above diagnostic tools intelligently, you will be able to identify problems and malfunctions without the involvement of specialists from the automotive center.

FORScan is a non-standard OBD-II scanner that supports only certain car brands. According to the program's developers, such specialization helps to increase the accuracy of diagnostics and gives some advantage over ordinary scanners.

- availability of a database on Mazda, Ford, Mercury and Lincoln vehicles (not older than 1996);

- the ability to display full machine information;

- Availability of modules for reading fault codes, carrying out autotests and starting service procedures.

FORscan is a valuable program, it allows Mazda, ford, Lincoln and Mercury owners to diagnose computer related car issues and to diagnose other issues that throw error codes. It will give eight tabs down the sides with many options for diagnosing and fixing issues related to your car.
this tool os a software who have utility of the car industry to control device for the Obd2 adapter, this sent a message or a diagnostic of the the components or data sensors, the only problem with this software is who that doesnt work with all the brands of cars
At first I kind of thought this was a waste of money but it turns out to actually be pretty handy. Especially if you have a Ford, Mazda, Lincoln or Mercury you'll probably find it effective. It can detect modules that the normal OBD2 can't and find trouble codes also. For me it's perfect because I have Android but apparently it works on iOs as well, can't lose!
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