Remix OS

by Jide Co., Ltd

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jide Co., Ltd

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91426

Remix OS is an operating system that is Android with a slightly modified graphical shell. The modified interface allows you to work with it comfortably on desktop devices, using the mouse and keyboard. The developers did a good job of organizing the interface elements and even added a full-fledged Play Market to the system. You can log in to it under your account and download any applications. Remix OS is potentially capable of running almost all existing applications, but not all of them support mouse control. When working on modern computers, the system will ensure the performance of mobile games and programs at the level of "flagship" portable devices.

The undoubted advantage of Remix OS is that it works perfectly as a second (or third) operating system on the computer. The 64-bit distribution kit even supports the UEFI environment (32-bit - only Legacy). There is no need to use a flash drive to install the "operating system", and you will receive a special application that will copy the installation data to your hard drive and allow you to start the installation immediately after rebooting your computer. Remix OS is also getting pretty good at virtual machines.

The operating system itself and all future updates for it, according to the developers, will be completely free. So anyone can try this creation. Installing and uninstalling Remix OS takes minutes.

- convenient graphical shell, which will allow you to work with the Android operating system, using the mouse and keyboard;

- A full-fledged Play Market from which you can download and launch applications;

- low system resource consumption;

- UEFI support;

- Operating system installation tool without using a USB storage device (installation files are copied to disk).

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