Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Patch

by RockStar Games

A free patch for GTA: San Andreas that fixes past glitches and updates the original game

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RockStar Games

Release: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Patch 1.01

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The patch for GTA: San Andreas offers original fan content that is more user friendly and efficient. 

There are newer games in the franchise, but for those who want to be nostalgic: this patch offers the better sound quality, content appears crisper, and in-game "freezing" has been improved.

This is a game geared toward adults and features controversial files or "mini-games." Luckily, this patch makes the mature content inaccessible and stops the modification of gameplay.

This patch provides access to game updates which include better screen resolution and improvements to in-game crashes!

Parents' can allow their older children to play without fear that they will be exposed to certain adult themes...that was never meant to be accessed in the first place. 

Overall, loyal fans of the game will be pleased with the updates. This is a virus-free patch that greatly improves the quality of the content and adjusts settings. 

This is the official patch from Rockstar games so users can rest assured that they are not at risk of viruses or "trolling". 

If you're a fan of the game called Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, then you need to check out the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Patch for Windows. This tool provides some resolutions to glitches that were present in the original release of the game and also provides a variety of updates to improve the sound quality and sharpen up the images on screen to enhance your playing experience.
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