The Sims 4

by Electronic Arts

An interactive simulation game of daily life activities and adventure

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release: The Sims 4 4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Sims 4 for Windows is a computer game that allows the user to build a unique world of their own creation.

The user can let their imagination run free by creating Sims and houses of their own choosing. Not only that, but every single aspect of the game can be customized, from houses to pets, careers, even family lineages! There is not one aspect of The Sims 4 that the user cannot make their own. Because of this, there is no direct storyline for the Sims. The user can pick up their Sims story at any stage in a Sims life, married with kids, a newborn baby, a spunky teen, or even a single parent of 5. Life truly began anywhere in The Sims and bounded only by the user's imagination. There is no specific way to play this game, and no possible way to end it. With pets, houses, cars, jobs, even space is explorable in the Sims!

Life blooms in the Sims, meaning the user can take an active, omnipresent approach, or a passive, spectator approach. Or, if the user chooses, the progression of a Sims life can be paused completely, allowing the player to live out their favorite Sims lives forever!

Discovering spectacular locations with novel environments, going on spontaneous adventures, and creating a story of their own, players can manifest their wildest dreams in the Sims 4! With mere clicks, users can simply live the ups and downs of their Sims' daily lives, waiting to see what's around the corner or play magical routes of mystery and endless entertainment. The Sims 4 does not disappoint, allowing users to tell amazing stories, all while building relationships, living out careers, and immersing themselves in a universe game of endless possibilities!

Gives user ability to create a world uniquely their own of people, stores, and events.

  • Create Sims fo your own imagination
  • Make bright neighborhoods full of life
  • Play the life of your Sims
  • Explore the gallery of other Sims player's creations
  • Build fantastic and beautiful houses
  • Additional content can be added to the game through expansion packs or online mods.
  • The operating system requires 64 Bit Windows, with at least 4 GB of ram.
  • Internet connection is required for game activation, and for optional game updates.
I love life simulation games. I downloaded The Sims 4 for Windows for my PC and have been obsessed. I play it nonstop all day long. It's good and bad at the same time. I am having so much fun but getting very little done. This game is the fourth one in the series. I can customize my character, genealogy and pet. I can play it with just my tracking pad. So much fun.
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