GTA San Andreas Pack of Cars

by GTA Garage

A feature pack that includes unique cars for use in Grand Theft Auto: San andreas

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GTA Garage

Release: GTA San Andreas Pack of Cars 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This software provides access to several new cars not originally provided in the original game. Many of the cars in the game GTA: San Andreas was very generic in nature and did not allow for a lot of different actions. This exclusive car pack allows the user to add several cars to his or her Grand Theft Auto experience. These additional cars certainly add a fair amount of variety when it comes to the vehicles and is a welcome upgrade, whether just driving around town or protecting some of your sacred Grove Street turf from the despicable Ballas gang. These vehicles operate much as you might expect. They operate like most other cars, and they experience damage in the same way other original vehicles for the game might experience them. As you may or may not know, GTA: San Andreas is set in the early to mid-’90s, and the vehicles provided in this pack reflect the time and place represented in the original game. The vehicles not only look right, but they also drive at similar speeds and handle roughly similar to the originals. The vehicles operate with garage storage the same way as vehicles in the game do as well. The graphics entering and leaving the vehicle to operate appropriately, and everything seems to fit as it should. 

Passengers operate as they should as well, in-game mechanics are generally well respected and the interactiveness of the vehicles works naturally with player characters as well as non-player characters.

The vehicles do not correct any of the well known in-game bugs. These vehicles do not fix any issues with game mechanics, missions, or even combat. These vehicles do not come with any added game advantages, nor do they allow for additional building modification other then what is included in the game itself. Sometimes these vehicles do not operate as they should with game mods you might install from the community, in which case the Car pack is a use-at-your-own risk kind of product. These cars do not have a complicated path of installation, as many other car packs have; in other words, you do not have to hack your game in order to make these cars work.


Allows access to additional cars not provided in the original game

  • Easy to install

  • Fits in well with surroundings

  • Workes well with player characters and non-player characters

  • Stays loyal to speed and agility capabilities or original cars

  • For use with Windows versions of GTA San Andreas only

Must have the latest version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas installed with all updates

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