by SteelRaven7

A large scale first-person shooter video game developed by Johan Hassel

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SteelRaven7

Release: Ravenfield 0.5.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ravenfield for Windows is a single-player first-person shooter video game created by Johan "SteelRaven7" Hassel, which was first released on May 18th, 2017, on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The game is known for its ragdolls like physics and large scale combat modes, in addition to the variety of ways in which players can play. The game takes inspiration from game series Battlefield or Star Wars: Battlefront.

The game was first released on the Steam gaming platform as an Early Access title, meaning it is still a work in progress, yet has amassed quite a following. The game boasts a 10/10 user rating on Steam, as well as having a rich community of players who have added new weapons, vehicles, mods, and maps to the game's Steam Workshop page, for other players to download and add to their own gameplay. The game's creative users have also created a single-player campaign mode, with countless hours of content available for free download. Ravenfield, as an early access game, receives large and unique updates on a regular basis. Bug fixes and gameplay are updated on a schedule of 4-6 weeks. Players in the game can also choose whether to fight as infantry, or in aircraft, ground vehicles, or watercraft, while also allowing for AI controlling by player.

A new game mode was released entitled Conquest, which adds elements of turn-based strategy to the already existing theme of large scale combat. While the game has no preexisting plot, the game's creator has hinted at the development of an underlying plot in late 2019. The game's creator, in addition to frequently updating the game, takes community feedback into account when designing the future of his game. The game has an iconic design of sorts, subverting the typical design language of AAA titles, and providing a more indie feel. The game is also easy to run for older computers, not putting too much of a strain on rendering graphics.

The game includes many multiplayer game modes, such as large scale control points maps similar to the Star Wars: Battlefront series.

  • Available on macOS, Windows, Pc, Linux, and SteamOS
  • The game receives regular, community-influenced updates from its original creator.
  • The game runs easily on all computers, regardless of components.
  • Fluid, fun, gameplay is made unique by the game's ragdoll physics.
  • Steam Workshop support allows users to make their own weapons, vehicles, and maps 
  • Conquest Mode provides a Star Wars: Battlefront playstyle.
  • A Multiplayer mod is available.
  • Early access game: this game is continually in development and has a rich and active community of members.
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