by Raptisoft

A single-player and multiplayer game with different races each one with different games modes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Raptisoft

Release: Hamsterball demo

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The creators of Hamsterball were initially inspired by the Marble Madness arcade game. They make it possible to take all the fun and experience to Window's platform, reliving and making it possible to enjoy for the generation in the 2000s. The logic of the game is pretty basic and very easy to understand. Just take a couple of minutes to learn correctly how to play, but after that, the game gives you several possibilities of enjoying the game, whether if you want to play alone, with one or more friends at the same time.

Hamsterball for Windows is a basic but addictive game that takes you from the Warm-up race-level until developing the most creatives and elaborate races in its last levels of the game. In its last version, we found a total of 5 different modes. The first one is Tournament that has a total of Fifteen races available (Warm-up, Beginner, Intermediate, Dizzy, Tower, Up, Expert, Odd, Toob, Woobly, Sky, Master, Neon, Glass and Impossible) that you clearly can identify for the different background colors in each one of them and where you constantly has to overcome each obstacle during every race with the adrenaline of the ticking clock while you are trying to find the location of the secret spots that will unlock the arena.

The second mode is Time Trial where you have to strike each one of the targets to get the medals, in the third mode is Mirror tournament where you have to play in the turned over levels with the pressure of the time, in the fourth mode is Party race and is perfect if you like to play with somebody else because this one gives you the option to play you are going to play with a second player.

Each one of the players will have to compete to get the goal first to win the game. The last mode is Rodent Rumble, where the fun increase when the game requires 2 o more players where each player will be competing to reach the maximum points possibles during the race because the player with more points at the end of the race will win the game.

There are many options and features that this game brings to the players, including 20 different and original soundtracks that make a more enjoyable and unique experience of play.

yeah, the game is simply fun to play with and the game is really great for all age people to play.
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