by ClusterM

Installs new ROMs on the Super Nintendo Mini device.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ClusterM

Release: Hakchi2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating4.41055

The Super Nintendo Mini typically comes when purchased with a select and limited number of games already installed. The total amount is 21 games, and users do not have the ability to load or install more games on their device. Hakchi2 gives users the ability to install new ROMs on their Super Nintendo Mini.


  • Add new ROMs to a connected Super Nintendo Mini.
  • Add information to the ROMs to be displayed by the Super Nintendo device, such as cover image, number of players, and release date.
  • Synchronize a ROM list to the Super Nintendo Mini seamlessly

Hakchi2 is software that primarily benefits users that own a Super Nintendo Mini. Hakchi2 only works with a Super Nintendo Mini and does not have functionality for other devices that can also play and operate ROMs and games. As such, Hakchi2 is limited in is usage and target demographics; however, the use it does offer is beneficial and worthwhile for select users. The Super Nintendo Mini offers a wide variety of Super Nintendo games that appeal to many individuals of different interests and tastes. However, the Super Nintendo system had an extensive catalog of over 700 games, many of which are not included in the 21 game selection of the Super Nintendo Mini. Hakchi2 gives users the freedom to select the games missing from the Super Nintendo Mini and install them to experience them in an experience reminiscent of the original system. The application is available for free and can be installed on Windows devices. Hakchi2 is also compatible with ROM files that are associated with the Super Nintendo. Installing and downloading the ROMs onto the Super Nintendo Mini is much more difficult and risky for the average user, the application gives greater peace of mind and security along with ease in doing so for the average user.

Hakchi2 allows users to install new games on their Super Nintendo Mini, functionality not available on that device.

Hakchi2 0.20rc4 (11.9 MB)
Hakchi2 2.20 (11.48 MB)
Hakchi2 2.20rc2 (27.53 MB)
Daniela Beltz
This piece of software will allow owners of the Super Nintendo Mini to install new games on their device. The Super Nintendo Mini does not allow gamers to install their own software; however, the Hakchi2 software removes that restriction and allows users of the Super Nintendo Mini more freedom. Many gamers love installing their own games on their consoles/devices, and so the Hakchi2 software will allow them to do exactly this, which is very useful.
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