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A powerful tool for teaching and learning programming

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Shoptalk Systems

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Just BASIC is a windows program used to learn, teach, and create various programs in a programming environment using the BASIC programming language.

It is completely free

  • Entirely free to use
  • Use to make your own Windows programs
  • Contains a tutorial
  • Contains plenty of examples to help guide you
  • A diverse online community
  • The editor has syntax coloring
  • Simple to use debugging features
  • Includes both sprites and printing graphics

Just BASIC's focus is on ease-of-use. This makes it suitable for users who are just starting out in exploring the programming world and want a product that makes it simple for them to create and explore powerful programming paradigms and concepts. Just BASIC has a user-friendly interface that makes the process of producing and creating interesting games, applications, and other programs simple, fun, and effective.

Just BASIC's main window is compromised of a simple text editing area featuring syntax coloring for ease of recognition of syntax. At the top is a toolbar which can be used to further edit, save, and perform other various actions on the program you are creating.

Just BASIC only requires a brief background in programming. Anyone can get started from novice to expert programmers in the environment. Experts might find Just BASIC easier to navigate because of their familiarity with the programming language. Newcomers will find great use of the tutorial and examples that come included with Just BASIC. These tutorials and examples are designed to help familiarize the individual with the BASIC programming language.

Just BASIC not only lets you code, but it lets you test that code and eventually builds an app from it. There is an option to "Run" the code which you can use to debug and find various errors, while also creating your project and seeing them in action after a successful creation! That's the power of Just Basic.

Just Basic is easy and free! You can use it to create all kinds of applications for your business through Windows. There are plenty of online communities about this programming to create your own programs without needing to learn the entirety of the Windows operating system.
Coding has been and always will be a facet of computing, with quite literally everything that shows up on a screen has lines of code to it. Just BASIC helps users who are new to the coding world learn the BASIC programming language, with a multitude of books and reference material in order to get users on their way to mastering BASIC. In addition to syntax coloring, and simple debugging as well as some visual graphics, not to mention that it’s free, Just BASIC will have you on the road to becoming a BASIC programming master in no time.
Basic has been a very famous language program since 1992. Just Basic software is very convenient and easy to learn language program. It is free as well! It has a tutorial and many example programs. The program is very suitable for businesses, industry, education, and entertainment. There are graphics including sprites and printing. You can create your own learning windows program.
BASIC is a free and easy to use programming language for windows. Excellent for beginners and professionals alike. It is a powerful language that is fully featured and wonderful. It is open and free for all to use and is optimized for windows. It is useful on all Windows machines and phones alike.
This software is anything but basic. Not only does it get the job done, but it also gets the job done right. Easy to use and great results. I especially liked the syntax coloring editor; I'd never used anything like this before, and it was a fun addition to learning a programming language. This product is accessible to beginners with its in-depth tutorials and instructions, and I had a fun time getting familiar with some new commands.
It says it is being there since 1992. Must be a very trustworthy product for being present for a long time. Language software used for developing applications for various sectors like business and education.Easy to learn. User friendly. Able to create our own applications without complications. The most important thing is it's royalty-free. Includes tutorial in case we need assistance and also there is a large online community for support.
Just BASIC is an awesome tool for learning BASIC programming language which can be used to write macros and subs, with Just BASIC you can make your own programs. Take what you've learned in just basic to Microsoft office and astound people with BASIC Code in access or excel where you can combine the features of your programs with the database functions of access or computation functions of excel. I've personally made a couple of automated budgeting spreadsheets to track paying down debt or accruing interest on savings accounts from paycheck to paycheck with the BASIC I learned.
Just BASIC for Windows is a programming language that is specially designed just for the operating system that is run and managed by Microsoft Windows. I love that it has such a wide range of uses since you can deploy it for everything from video games to business needs. The programming language is pretty simple to learn as well.
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