Kazaa Download Manager

by Kazaa Download Manager

A download add-on for Kazaa Media Desktop and other P2P file sharing utilities

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kazaa Download Manager

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Kazaa can be trusted to quickly and easily manage your downloads with efficient file management functions (indexing and data basing). With many features for managing your downloaded items such as ease of deleting, moving (hard drives, different folders, or even across a network), renaming and copying of files, which are very kin for maintaining and managing your file collection.  

Kazaa is also a good software for backing up current downloads so that you will never have to worry about losing your download due to an error from Kazaa (such as a transfer error or file write error) or by accidentally canceling the transfer process. By using Kazaa, you can rest assured to keep track of your files and be able to access your file collection in a matter of seconds. Every of the list can be saved in several formats (HTML, Text and XML) and you can also sort the files by name, date or size. The software is compatible with Kazaa 3.0, Kazaa Lite, and any other folder, including those of eDoney, Morpheus, iMesh, BitTorrent, and LimeWire. So you can track your files and be able to search your file collection in a matter of seconds. 

Kazaa is worth using for users who want more out of the file-sharing experience and are looking for specific functionalities and will do everywhere to find them. If you have the patience to deal with its small number of users and you aare as well a power user looking to get access to everything that is out there on the web, then the Kazaa Software is just the right tool for you.

Manage your downloads with ease and efficient file management functions!

  • The backup feature that protects all your downloads
  • Quickly and easily manage your downloadsHandy File List Generator
  • Organizes files to be written to CDs or DVDs
  • Completely compatible with Kazaa Lite
  • You can download it for free without charge on many websites
Kazaa Download Manager for windows is an add-on that allows users of P2P file-sharing utilities and those who already use Kazza Media Desktop to download files and keep them safely backed up so that they never lose a file again.
Robbie M******t
Kazaa Download Manager is an easy-to-use application that allows you to download music, videos, and other files from the Kazaa file-sharing network. It provides a fast, reliable, and secure way to search, download, and share files over the internet. It also features advanced features such as scheduling, resume support, and more. With Kazaa Download Manager, you can easily manage your downloads, keep track of your downloads, and even play downloaded files.