MAME (64-bit)


The emulation software with 5000 games from the 1970s

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MAME

Release: MAME (64-bit) 0.208

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating4.9984

First released in 2007, this version of MAME allows the successful emulation of many other machines. This allows gaming software associated with other machines and platforms to be used in the Windows 64-bit operating systems. A wide variety of games are supported via this emulation software. 

For the most part, software executed via this emulation exhibits equivalent functionality as the version that was executed on the original machine. If any limitations in functionality do exist, these are usually well documented and easily accessible on the MAME website.

The roster of supported software is constantly expanding. Due to the open source nature of this product, this software is evolving and improving on a consistent basis. The user base for this software is broad and the continued support for this product is well assured. 

This emulation software supports nearly 5000 games from the 1970s up to the current period. This software should indefinitely support the continued enjoyment of classic games that have been developed over the years. Since this is a free, unlicensed product, users will be able to enjoy the use of the software for a long period of time without encumbering costs down the road.

If users do encounter a problem or bug with this software, MAME does offer a robust infrastructure for addressing these concerns. A large group of volunteers actively strive to improve and enhance this product. Individual users can also become part of this process if they choose to do so.

It's a free, open source product that offers flexible emulation solutions.


  • It is a free, open source solution.
  • Allows games and other software to function even if the original hardware is no longer available.
  • Hundreds of volunteers are working to support improve this product.
  • Emulates a wide variety of games on various platforms.

MAME has proven to be a leader in machine emulation and is a stable, reliable product.

This product is free. The source code is also available at no charge.

For computers using Windows 64-bit operating systems.

Mame seems like a great emulation software especially considering that they support so many games and video game systems. I've seen similar software as this but nothing with such a large variety of games and systems all packaged together. What makes this software even better is that its free!
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