by Even Balance

Simple yet effective way to negate cheaters out of your servers without problems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Even Balance

Release: PunkBuster 3.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Punkbuster has been around for over a decade providing players/admins of gaming servers the possibilities of not having to deal with pesky cheaters in their servers, it allows people to play games without worrying about which other player is cheating and who might be cheating, it totally negates that part of it. It's easy to access and put into your game so you no longer have to have concerns regarding your server and the integrity of it because PunkBuster completely changes the game when it comes to anti-cheat. This software constantly is scanning your server and backend to ensure safety in regards to cheating, PunkBuster is one of the best if not the best when it comes to anti-cheat support. This software supports most game engines and it most likely will work for your game if you choose to use punk buster, punk buster offers constant support for your servers, it's un matched when it comes to reliability. Punkbuster offers anti-cheats to some of the most known brands and games around the industry. It allows you to use anti-cheats on any Operating system that you might need, whether its windows, Linux or even MAC! Punkbuster will provide anti-cheat to you and your engine if we can, it's a no brainer solution to something that has been around for years, cheating is a problem in today's society and PunkBuster is here to solve that issue for you without much headache. 


  • Years of experience.
  • Free!
  • Constant scanning
  • Multiple Operating System

Punkbuster is without a doubt one of the best anti-cheats in the industry, there's no reason you should not try it out if you are in need of a free solution to cheating that provides results without a doubt, you will not be disappointed if you choose punk buster!

Cutting edge Anti-Cheat
Farid Rajabi
One of the interesting features of this anti-cheats is that it continuously performs scan steps and that's very great.Another advantage is that it supports multiple operating systems, which makes it a lot of people to choose from I like this app and I would like to try it out
PunkBuster is perfect. It solves that pesky problem of trying to play games with people don't respect the rules or want to play fair. My gaming experience has being improved considerably since I started using it. I won't play a game without it from now on. It's just that good and that reliable.
I understand this software is for admins of gaming servers so they can remove cheaters from the game easily. It is rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars so that makes me feel like it probably works well. It works on many operating systems and has been around for years.If i needed a service like that i would choose this one.
I would recommend PunkBuster for Windows to anyone. It is a computer program that is able to catch gaming cheaters. It is safe to have installed on your computer and is used for good use. If you are playing a game online with other players, this program will run in the background and is able to detect if/when someone is cheating. I think this is a great program to use if you want to play a fair game!
Fraser Maloney
the software allows server admins to obtain a remote UDP based console with a running PunkBuster Server version 1.225 or higher. Admins can use PBUCON to stream PB logging and optionally issue remote commands and optionally ( for some games) stream normal game server logging. PBUCON allows concurrent real-time streaming of PB logging to multiple remote hosts and also does not require any special firewall configuration as it uses the same socket and port used by the running PunkBuster server for communication.
The main advantage of this software is, it runs in the background in the system and checks for cheat in case of multiplayer games. It gets updated automatically and so it has efficiency in its performance.
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