Marmalade SDK

by Ideaworks3D Limited

Development kit and game manager for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ideaworks3D Limited

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Marmalade SDK is a software product designed primarily for creating games and applications on mobile devices. Its distinctive feature is cross-platform in the sense that the development is supported for devices running different systems. In other words, by writing the code only once, it can be used on all platforms without any changes. This feature allows you to significantly expand the audience that uses your product, and therefore - to increase the profit.

Using the Marmalade SDK, the developer gets his hands on a wide range of "valuable" tools. The program has a unique architecture that provides direct access to the processor and graphics core. This, in turn, allows you to maximize the performance of the application you are developing. Marmalade SDK also has an emulator, which allows you to test a written program by selecting a specific model of the device and the format of its screen. It supports interaction with all elements of mobile devices - camera, microphone, accelerometer, GPS module. Besides, this development environment allows you to use C/C++ code to create applications.

- cross-platformity of the created applications;

- Support for the following systems: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Samsung Bada, Blackberry Playbook, Symbian, webOS, Windows, OSX;

- access to the processor and graphics core;

- interaction with the accelerometer, camera, dictaphone;

- support of code written in C/C++;

- availability of a built-in emulator for testing applications.

This software seems groundbreaking and much needed in the industry today. Systems, platforms, phones, operating systems...these things are all so common, so numerous, and so vast. everyone has a different device but wants to play the same game. this software bridges the gap by allowing them to be developed with the intent of being used across many different platforms.
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