MyDrive Connect

Better use and organize your GPS

Operating system: Windows

Release: MyDrive Connect 4.2.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This product is an application that works directly with your TomTom GPS. It allows the user to keep all of their apps on their TomTom device updated and working at their fullest potential. It specifically updates applications such as maps and other useful tools on the user's device. It shows a screen that allows the user to see what aspects of their device could be updated. It is very simple to then download these updates. All the user has to click on the update for it to start working. As well, MyDrive Connect allows the user to access all of the important paper documents relating to their device through the application, so they do not need to store these paper documents and can have easy access to them whenever they wish. To use MyDrive Connect all you have to do is download it to a computer and connect your desired device to that computer. With MyDrive Connect open on the computer you have access to all of its features and can begin services your device. It is completely free of charge and working with your existing device.  


  • Updated maps regularly 
  • Software updates for all parts of your device
  • weekly updates and fixes for the application 
  • completely free of charge 

This is an application for your computer that allows you to keep all aspects of your GPS updated. 

It keeps all of your applications on your GPS device (map etc.) updated.

This application is free of charge. You must own a computer to use this application. You must also own a GPS device that is compatible with MyDrive Connect.

Billy Dean
I had way to many apps for my tomtom. I found this program and now im always updated and organized. It has saved me time and frustration over and over again. If you need a program to manage your tomtom apps get this one.
All parts working Great. Only one thing is it conceivable to add to an arranging highway a hunt work from my places. For example, when I need two go to two companions I should simply to look through companion 1 and after that include companion two and send it to the gadget ideally you comprehended me :)
Lucas Cardenas
Love my drive connect. Works better than more route planners out there. I drive a lot for work and this allows me to dodge traffic and other accidents without issue. Very easy to use and works like a charm. Try it out if you're stuck with what software to use and you wont be disappointed.
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