by Egis Technology

Helpful for protecting private data

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Egis Technology

Release: MyWinLocker

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4795

MyWinLocker for Windows is a great piece of technology. It is already installed on some Acer products and helps to protect your identity. There are two key features. One is called Yo-Safe. The other is Shredder.


  • Yo-Safe: Yo-Safe is a password protected drive to keep all your files protected and private. 
  • It also works as an additional hard drive for your system
  • Shredder: Shredder is a tool that securely removes and eliminates files.

MyWinLocker is an important piece of technology that can help to keep your personal and private information safe and secure. In today's technologically advanced world you can never be too careful with your information online. MyWinLocker helps to add a piece of mind that your files are secure. 

It has two key features: a password protected drive and a shredder to eliminate unwanted information

Frank Hamer (unverified)
If you have a shared computer, or if you travel a lot for work, you need WinLocker. WinLocker brings me a lot of peace of mind that, even if someone gets into my laptop, I have an added layer of security to keep them out of my sensitive files. The shredder function is nice too, in case you're worried about hackers digging around in your recycling bin.
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