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NetStumbler can be very useful if you are using it to connect to the WLAN and you do not have a signal or connection working properly.

Simply put, NetStumbler is a useful tool that is designed for the Windows operating system family to detect Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) using standards such as 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g.

- Ability to verify that your network settings are correct

- Ability to search for locations with poor connectivity to your WLAN.

- Ability to detect other networks that could cause connection problems with your network.

- Ability to detect unauthorized attempts to connect to your network

- Thanks to this program you can find the optimal location of the antenna of the device providing connection to the WLAN network.

NetStumbler is a tool used for the Windows operating system to find wireless local networks. The tool is able to verify your network settings, search for locations with poor settings or connections that could cause problems with your network. Overall, it is a tool that provides you with more detailed information about your wireless local area networks.
This software works very well in getting my network settings to work correctly. My computer on it's own has software problems with the connection and this software works very well at being the middle man in the situation and manipulating my connection where it needs to be
NetStumbler (also known as Network Stumbler) is a tool for Windows that facilitates detection of Wireless LAN
Network Stumbler, or NetStumbler for Windows, is a decent little program that helps me find wireless local area networks (LANs). It might be simple, as it hasn't been updated in years, but it's lightweight and easy to use. The other main problem that I can think of is that it can't detect more recent wireless networks, but it was very useful back in the day. I'm not sure that I would recommend it now, but some years ago, I definitely would have.
When I need to detect wireless LANs I use NetStumber for Windows. It's available with a donation. It operates on my Windows pc. It's such a useful tool. If you are into networking like me, this is a must have tool. So easy to use too. I can use it to verify my network is setup correctly, find local networks and those that might be causing interference. It's a life saver.
If you're looking for a tool to use that can help you identify local area networks that have specific standards, then check out NetStumbler for Windows. This program makes it a cinch to see what networks are out there in your area, and it even tells you what the status of those networks is so you can connect to them accordingly.
Want to find other networks around you? Give NetStumbler a try! My own use was very successful on the PC. I located several wireless LAN networks around me. It was easy to install and use. I love the GPS feature too.
A most popular programm is this netstumbler, as it deducts wireless lan. It supports GPS unit to tell information about where the networks are discovered and to find a specific network on it. It has the disadvantage that it can deducted easily.
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