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NetStumbler can be very useful if you are using it to connect to the WLAN and you do not have a signal or connection working properly.

Simply put, NetStumbler is a useful tool that is designed for the Windows operating system family to detect Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) using standards such as 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g.

- Ability to verify that your network settings are correct

- Ability to search for locations with poor connectivity to your WLAN.

- Ability to detect other networks that could cause connection problems with your network.

- Ability to detect unauthorized attempts to connect to your network

- Thanks to this program you can find the optimal location of the antenna of the device providing connection to the WLAN network.

Ewan (unverified)
NetStumbler is a tool used for the Windows operating system to find wireless local networks. The tool is able to verify your network settings, search for locations with poor settings or connections that could cause problems with your network. Overall, it is a tool that provides you with more detailed information about your wireless local area networks.
Euan (unverified)
This software works very well in getting my network settings to work correctly. My computer on it's own has software problems with the connection and this software works very well at being the middle man in the situation and manipulating my connection where it needs to be
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