Network Scanner

by LizardSystems

Allows for informaition to be scanned for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LizardSystems

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Network Scanner is a program designed to scan IP addresses in a local network. It can work with large corporate networks and analyze addresses in a specified range. All computers, web servers and subnets are detected during the scanning process. All of this is displayed in a single hierarchical list to which different filters and sorting parameters can be applied. The list shows the hidden FTP and NetBIOS (Samba) resources. In addition, Network Scanner checks the current status of all devices, pings and access rights to them (read/write). By the way, unlike other network scanners, this does not require administrator privileges to start scanning.

Analysis of the network is carried out in several streams, which allows you to significantly increase the speed of the program, and the resulting list of devices can be exported to popular formats: HTML, XML and TXT. If you wish, you can save not the whole list, but only the specified items and branches.

In addition to performing scanner functions, the program also provides several other important tools. It allows you to remotely manage your computer, operate it in Desktop mode, view the list of running services, use shared folders, turn off remote devices, wake them up from sleep mode, view logs, and so on. All of these functions require appropriate permissions, and remote management requires client side confirmation.

At home, you can use Network Scanner for free. But in the case of operation at the enterprise and for corporate purposes it will be necessary to purchase a license.

- Scanning of devices in the local network with indication of the range of IP addresses;

- Check response time and connectivity;

- building a clear hierarchical list with computers, servers and subnets;

- Flexible filters for sorting the results window;

- remote shutdown and management of computers;

- export the list in TXT, XML and HTML formats;

- Search for NetBIOS and FTP resources.

It's a basic local area network ping scanner. There are many tools out there that do this same thing, but with features that are used in modern networking. This gives you the most basic information and features, it might be suitable as a backup for software that actually does stuff. Further, you have to first access the client PCs and arrange to have the appropriate permissions first. It is not as easy as simple command line interface or something like WireShark.
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