Otter Browser

by Emdek

Otter Browser is a cross planform setup

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Emdek

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Otter is a web browser based on the "classic" Opera (the one before the transition to the WebKit engine). It's sure to appeal to those who love the "old school" browsers whose developers aren't trying to copy as many features from Chrome as possible. This browser does not monitor the user and does not send statistics. When new versions of Emdek are released, Emdek developers always listen to the wishes of the community. The motto of the program is as follows: "A user-controlled browser, not the other way around."

The program works very quickly, does not "eat" all available RAM and contains only the most important functions. For example, it has a visual bookmark panel. Visual bookmarks are added "by hand", not automatically, as it happens in modern browsers. To add a new site to the bookmark menu, you should press the "+" icon and enter the exact address of the necessary resource. Also, the browser has a "standard" bookmark manager, which is very similar to that in earlier versions of Firefox. There is also a maximum pragmatic download manager and a panel with the history of visited sites. Browser allows you to manage saved cookies and save sessions.

That's where the Otter functionality ends. As you can see, we were not deceiving when we talked about the fact that the developers of the browser added only the most necessary things to it. In general, the browser will clearly find its audience, but we can not recommend it to each user. However, nobody prevents you from trying out your own browser - it is completely free.

- is based on the "classic" Opera browser. The one that was much more popular than the current version created with the WebKit engine;

- has a rather archaic interface, however, allowing you to easily switch between windows and tabs;

- has all the necessary managers: bookmark manager, history manager, download manager and Cookie manager;

- allows you to set up the blocking of certain types of content;

- has a quick access menu where you can add sites "manually";

- consumes much less RAM than modern browsers;

- is available completely free of charge.

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