by snaker

This will help you recognize popular packers, cryptors, and compilers for PE files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: snaker

Antivirus check: passed

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PEiD is the most popular program of its kind, which is able to analyze executable files and provides the most detailed bulletins with the collected information. It can define the programming language used to create the application, as well as the compiler, cryptor and packer with the help of which the executable file was "built". If you have a protector, the application will specify its type and version. According to the developers, PEiD is able to identify more than six hundred different digital signatures and provide information on each of them.

Scanning can take place in three different modes, which differ in speed and volume of data collected. The "Normal" mode will define only the basic information about the file, but when launching "Hardcore" and "Advanced" modes, PEiD will be able to evaluate the launch security in the Windows environment, find embedded "miners", Trojans and other types of threats. In general, if you doubt the "cleanliness" of a file downloaded from the network, be sure to check it with this tool. By the way, the program supports heuristic analysis, which allows it to detect relatively new types of threats.

To start scanning it is enough to "drag" the necessary file to the working area of the program. PEiD supports batch mode and knows how to search for executable files in the specified and subfolders. Immediately after installation, the program integrates into the Windows Explorer context menu, so you can start scanning from there. There is also command line support, a feature for creating detailed reports on the work done, the HEX viewer and a set of useful plugins (Krypto ANALyzer, Generic OEP Finder, Generic Unpacker).

- Analysis of executable files, compilation of detailed summaries of collected information;

- three scanning modes to choose from;

- Identification of digital signatures, cryptor and packer;

- heuristic analysis function;

- Integration with Windows Explorer, command line support;

- a built-in HEX viewer;

- Equipping with useful plug-ins;

- Scanning files in batch mode.

PEiD is a software that allows you to scan files in batch mode. This 5 star rating software has three scanning modes to choose from. There is useful plug ins and a built in HEX viewer. The software provides programming language and is able to identify more than six hundred digital signatures.
PEiD is a very popular robust and fully functional executable file identifier. It has many functions including to be able to tell what programming language was used.
PEiD is a good detection software that works well for me. I recommend to all that need this to detect common packers etc.
Super old design, could use little colors. Took me a lot of time to figure out what the application actually does. It could use a helper manual which describes everything with reason and how it does things. No original website, original website will take you to a cross website links which will take you to a malware survey. Although didn't had any file to test with, program seems to be running fine to test packers, cryptors and compilers.
PEiD is an amazing program with user friendly interface, that helps the user to recognize popular packers, cryptors, and compilers for PE files. It used to analyze executable files and provide a detailed information about the collected data of the executable file. The process of Scanning files can take place in three different modes which known as Normal, Hardcore and advanced. It is very user friendly, in order to start the scanning process, user needs to drag and drop the specific file to the working area of PEiD.
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