by Sapro Systems

A calendaring application that helps you create and customize your own schedule in popular formats

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sapro Systems

Release: WinCalendar 4.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Tired of trying to make online or embedded calendars work the way you want them to? Now, WinCalendar gives you powerful tools so you're in control. 


  • Choose from blank calendars or ones with holidays noted (choose your country to make sure they're relevant).
  • Powerful templates to get you started quickly
  • Design in your choice of size and coloring.
  • Import data from Outlook, Google Calendar, ICal, Yahoo Calendar, TeamSnap, Excel and CSV file. 
  • Build in Word or Excel for easy, familiar editing: add calendar tools to the ribbon for easy access.
  • Run on your desktop or online for important prompts.
  • Integrate with other calendaring and schedule-management tools such as Outlook
  • Export to pdf format for printing and sharing.

Take control of your life with your own personal calendar customized to match your needs. It's fast, easy, powerful, and flexible to ensure you stay on top of the dates most important to you.

Powerful calendar functionality for Word or Excel that looks and functions the way you want it to.
WinCalendar is the ultimate calendar for all Windows users. It is beautiful, easy to use and easy to set up. I used to use Google Calendar but have now switched over because of how innovative and creative the team is. The service that you get is second to none. It is the best software on the market at the moment and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who needs a new alternative.
This program is such a hands-down time saver I'm surprised I never thought to find a way to automate making calendars in office. It runs right inside of Word or Excel and let's use some simple menus to generate a calendar that is customized to each and every project. Another big time saver if you find yourself working with calendar data much the import ability. Outlook, Google, CSVs, iCalendar. This is a great little addon for those of us who use Office a lot.
EVERYTHING that can be done using spreadsheet especially, color coding and a lot of info to show up within the calendars to make them complete this WinCalendar can do just that. Instead of spending so much time trying to find an excel template or program that would be able to import my spreadsheet with VERY LITTLE re-formatting and always came up short but with WinCalendar in just a few clicks inside Excel I was able to import my existing spreadsheet data into calendars effortlessly and save so much time!
WinCalendar is a great tool for users that are familiar with windows and enjoy how it operates. It is also great for users that like to keep everything digital so they can easily access it on the go. The only downside I can see with WinCalendar is that it is a demo and not a finished product. This may cause frustration if the user is used to a calendar a certain way but this does not fit all those needs.
If you're looking for a program that gives you a calendar for Microsoft Word and Excel then WinCalendar has got you covered. It helps you pick dates and times within the program itself and best of all it's free! If you're looking for even more features and you enjoy the program already, then also check out Pro for stuff like Holidays, Calendar sizes, and even the ability to import personal appointments! Give it a try today for your Word or Excel!
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