by Lunascape Co.

A light and simple tabbed Android web browser

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lunascape Co.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Lunascape is a web browser that combines three browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. The user can switch between the built-in browsers at any time, assigning one tab to Firefox, another to Google Chrome, etc. It is also possible to view a single page in all browsers at once to compare how it looks in them. Lunascape supports its own extensions, as well as Firefox and Internet Explorer extensions. The program has a built-in RSS reader and advanced functions for reading blogs and news. The appearance of the browser and its settings are adjustable. The user can apply different skins, disable the display of images and videos, prohibit unsafe scripts, Java and ActiveX elements. It supports pop-up blocking, automatic password entry (using the built-in RoboForm), quick proxy server change and mouse motion detection technology - when the browser executes some commands in response to certain passes.

Lunascape 6.8.6 (16.48 MB)
Lunascape 6.11.1 (34.91 MB)
Lunascape 6.11.2 (34.91 MB)
Lunascape 6.12.0 (34.96 MB)
Lunascape 6.12.1 (34.96 MB)
Lunascape 6.13.0 (34.99 MB)
Lunascape 6.14.2 (34.99 MB)
Lunascape 6.15.0 (34.99 MB)
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