by Brave Software Inc

Helps users transfer cryptocurrency and also block web trackers and ads

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Brave Software Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Brave is a browser designed to disable all kinds of "tracking" mechanisms for the user and free the displayed web pages from advertising. You probably know that many online resources and ad networks collect user data and use it (data) to select targeted advertising. So, Brave not only blocks advertising, but also stops the work of such tracking mechanisms, which are usually called "trackers". Thus, users of this browser can be sure that they are not "being watched". In addition, disabling unnecessary scripts and graphical elements on web pages significantly increases their download speed. You can use the Ghostery extension to disable trackers when working with other browsers. It essentially performs the same functions as Brave Shields.

As for the blocking of advertisements on pages, Brave offers several modes of operation to the user. It can completely disable the display of ads, ban them only on specific pages, block only particularly "annoying" types of ads, or disable the personalization of ads for a particular user.

Other interesting "chips" in the browser is not so much. It has a secure payment tool that prevents the interception of payment data when making purchases, a built-in download manager and support for "private" tabs that are not recorded in the "History" and do not leave any other traces in the system.

- disables all kinds of user tracking mechanisms;

- can block advertising banners on the pages;

- Quickly loads pages by reducing the number of loaded graphic elements and scripts;

- contains a tool designed for making safe purchases;

- is completely free.

Brave 0.61.52 (1.22 MB)
Brave 0.62.49 (1.22 MB)
Brave 0.62.50 (1.22 MB)
Brave 0.62.51 (1.22 MB)
Brave 0.63.48 (1.22 MB)
Brave 0.63.55 (1.25 MB)
Brave 0.64.75 (1.25 MB)
Brave 0.64.76 (1.25 MB)
Brave 0.64.77 (1.25 MB)
Brave 0.65.118 (1.25 MB)
I love using Brave for Windows because it works so much more quickly than Chrome does, and even provides more secure privacy settings than Firefox does. Best of all, if you're concerned about this browser draining your battery life on your phone, there's no need to be worried, since Brave actually takes up 35% less of your phone's battery than a comparable browser.
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