Portraiture Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

by Imagenomic, LLC

A Photoshop plugin that allows artists to retouch pictures, smooth out textures, and even out skin tones

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Imagenomic, LLC

Release: Portraiture Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop 7/8/8.1/10

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Portriature is an efficient addition to Adobe programs, with over 25,000 users. It allows its users to retouch photos in a quicker, more efficient way than any of the Adobe programs alone.


  • Precise masking features
  • Smooths heal and enhance skin tone and quality
  • Preserves the original quality of the image
  • Quick skin correction
  • The revamped user interface in the new version
  • Fast and advanced control for users
  • Predefined presets to get users started
  • User interface settings to create custom presets
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced Adobe users
  • Free trial and full versions offered

Portriature is a software plugin made by Imagenomic for Adobe Photoshop and other tools, such as Lightroom and Aperture. The plugin allows artists to selectively mask and retouch photos, especially those of faces. However, it also cuts down on time-consuming and tedious labor for artists through its Auto Mask feature. The plugin preserves skin texture and facial details while also allowing artists to smoothen out any imperfections and fine-tune the skin tone.

Beginner friendly and maintains texture and quality of the original image

Unlike other portrait editing software, Portriature is user-friendly and offers presets for users to start out with. Additionally, it preserves the qualities of the image that users may not want to be changed, such as eyebrows, hair, eye color, and lipstick. It also runs on multiple Adobe programs.

Portriature is available both as a free trial version and paid Pro version to all users with Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture already installed. Users should be aware that they will not be able to use Portriature unless they have one of these Adobe software programs already installed. Users can also download Portriature for multiple Adobe programs as a bundle. The program is only 4-6 megabytes and does not take up precious space on the user's hard drive.

  • Runs on all Windows systems
Portraiture Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
You dont have time to take hours to touch up photos. Thats where Portraiture Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop comes into play. It drastically cuts down the time it takes to have that perfect shot. You can smoothen out imperfections but keep your skin texture for a more natural look. You can try it as a free trial and see how much you love it! Trust me, you will
Daniela Beltz
Portraiture is a plug-in developed by Imagenomic. It works with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and others. The biggest feature is called AutoMask which saves a lot of tedious labor because it lets the user smooth out imperfections very quickly without compromising photo quality.
This is a great addition to Adobe if you're serious about your art. I really like to use it to retouch small flaws or just do a little retouching without a ton of extra work. This add-on is really good for fixing skin and making it look smooth too.
This worked well and seamlessly integrated with my Adobe Photoshop. It is free and it does exactly what I wanted it to do.
This is a plug-in for Photoshop or Lightroom (both tools can be a host for this plug-in). It is not a free product, so the user needs to buy it separately. Portraiture allows users to work with any images, but it is most useful for portraits, because of its ability to edit faces (skin, eyes, proper shadow on the face, etc.). The latest version of the Portraiture has a Windows 8 as a minimum requirement. Overall, this plug-in is a great add-on
Michael Northrup
This Photoshop plugin isn't all smokes and mirrors, it actually works and is above and beyond with its intended use. It really makes my photos pop and that's no exaggeration. This makes your skin look as amazing as ever and makes everybody want this, too bad you can't actually make your skin look as good as it does in photoshop.
This software is superb in editing portraits. It refines the portraits to look totally different. It is best used by anyone interested in having a great image as opposed to a mediocre image as taken by the camera. The desktop versions come as both plug ins and stand alone.
Portraiture Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop for Windows helps my Adobe program run a lot faster. I am a graphic artist for a graphic art and design company. This software program helps me succeed in every aspect of my job. It is definitely a bargain, and definitely makes work not so hectic!
Portraiture Plugin for Adobe Photoshop for windows is an application meant for photographers and factually everyone who edits photos. for Pro editors to make their work easier and for armatures to give them a pro final image. The manual labor of selective masking and each pixel by pixel fine tuning should worry you no more. This software enables you to give a pro retouch to your trait images while at the same time preserving face features such as eyelashes. The final result is an elegant image natural in all aspects. The app has an in built auto-mask feature which will enable you discover most of the skin tone range of the image. You can give it a manual touch to ensure perfection. The application comes with pre designed effects for a one click adjustment. You are always free to proceed with further adjustments on the image. Its a wonderful photo editing app.
Portraiture Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop for Windows is a Software that assist you in the retouch of your pictures, This software is really good for the users that need to retouch pictures in a easy and faster way and keeping very realistic and good quality pictures, can be so simple like Open the image from the control panel section and select the gender of the person in the picture and you can focus in the point that you need to improve being really easy tracking the changes with the double screen option of this app where you can see the original picture and the picture in process.
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