by Pete Shinners

Pygame will help you write your own video games

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Pygame is a cross-platform library for the Python language that allows you to develop multimedia applications and games. Of course, you won't be able to create large AAA-projects with their help, but it's quite possible to make a simple 2D-arcade. All you need from the developer is an interesting idea and confident knowledge of Python, all the other resources are contained in these libraries.

Structurally, Pygame is an SDL and is extremely popular among experimental developers. It owes its popularity to several factors at once and, first of all, to LGPL-licenses. The latter means that libraries can be used absolutely free of charge (including for commercial projects) and that they have open source code. Also, SDL is interesting because it supports all conceivable operating systems, which at least theoretically can work with Python. And the last important factor that makes developers so fond of Pygame is the detailed and clear documentation. You can find it on the official website of the developer.

One of the most important advantages of projects created using Pygame is that they do not use OpenGL and any other graphics libraries. These games also support multi-core processors, use optimized C/Assembly code for key functions and do not require pre-installation. To start playing, just run the executable file.

On the official website of Pygame there is a separate section with games created by developers from around the world. On the page of each game there is a source code, which allows you to understand how the developer has implemented in his game a particular feature.

- is compatible with many versions of Python;

- cross-platform;

- detailed and clear documentation;

- Launching games without using any graphics libraries;

- support of multi-core processors in source projects;

- optimized C and Assembly kernel code;

- Many illustrative examples of ready-made open-source projects;

- LGPL-license, which allows you to use the SDL to create commercial projects.

Has a huge library of games in a large library that works across a variety of platforms, and they all run through python which is an open source computer language, which makes it even better. It is also used often for developers who are experimenting or testing w/ python.
Pygames are very interesting games,millions of people downloaded pygames and playing in their leisure times. I've also played pygames i feel relaxing while i was in stress.It does not require openGL.I was broken of openGL setups so i like pygames most.It can be commonly used with dual core CPUs. Pygames are smooth to play and more interesting.
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