QI Macros

by KnowWare International Inc

An Excel add-in that can be used to draw control charts,histograms, Pareto charts, etc.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: KnowWare International Inc

Release: QI Macros trial version

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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QI Macros is an easy to install Excel add-in. It can be used to draw control charts, histograms, Pareto charts and more. It was developed to work with excel.

QI Macros is an easy to install excel add-in that loads on excel and can be used to draw control charts, histograms and many more. It makes it easier to have all your work on excel instead of importing to another application. It also contains project Management tools like earned value calculator, project charter. It is comparable to a Minitab software but a lot cheaper.


It does all the Math and statistics for you.There is no formula needed just charts and results.
  • It helps Mistake-proof data selection. Your data can be in connected or separated into rows or columns, it also helps clean up non-numeric data and also fix any misalignments and use your data as you selected it.
  • Control Chart Wizard to select the right control chart for you without any external help.
  • Control Chart Dashboards to simplify reporting monthly easier.
  • PivotTable Wizard to simplify complex transaction files.
  • Mistake-proof statistical analysis for excel.
  • More than 40 charts you can draw with using your own data,  control charts, histograms, , scatter, and many more.

Qi Macros has outstanding value particularly when compared to other softwares that cost more. It has all that is needed to manage, lead, and performing technical work of quality processing and product development efforts. It's also very user friendly so Yes I think I will go with it if I was to choose

Sky ha
Qi Macros is a must have extension for excel users. Not only cant it be used to draw control charts and histograms, it also makes it easier to have all your work on excel instead of importing your project into another application.
QI Macros is a must have for users of Excel! The past issues I've had with data input and formatting have been resolved, mostly due to the software provided by QI Macros. Take your charts and data to a new level.
This is a cool sofware to have on your computer. It is an excel add in and it can help you with charts and math charts. This software can help with statistical problems. Also this is a cool and helpful software to have on your computer.
This software is an add-in tool to Excel and has several features that will help you perform functions like data analysis, charting, and statistics. It allows us to customize and draw control charts, histograms, Pareto charts, and box plots. Performs analysis using several templates, has data mining tools to create charts from raw data, and performs hypothesis testing and statistical analysis, which include regression analysis and normality tests.
Logan Thomason
This allows something that can typically be difficult and time consuming much easier, not to mention can save you hours. You can create data analysis's and different types of charts that make you look like you've been doing it for years.
It is very easy to use software product that is available at a very affordable price for all who require it. It has helped me out with everything since i purchased it. It has allowed for me to innovate better and help me improve in everything I do by using it. Truly brilliant and recommend to anybody looking to buy it
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