by TP-LINK Technologies Co., Lt

A software for network configuration

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TP-LINK Technologies Co., Lt

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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QSS is the official software from TP-Link for the initial configuration of the router. It allows you to easily connect to your network, set up a Wi-Fi hotspot, and enable Quick Security Setup.

When you run the program for the first time, make sure you connect the router to your computer using an Ethernet cable. Unfortunately, you cannot set up the router by any other method. So, let's assume that the router was connected and successfully recognized by the program. Of course, the first thing it will require is the name and password of the new access point. It will also be possible to enable the QSS function (yes, its name is identical to the name of the program itself). This function allows you to connect new devices to Wi-Fi without entering a password from the access point. Simply press the special button on the router and it will automatically confirm the connection attempt. After the initial setup, you can enable or disable Quick Security Setup from the router's standard web interface (available at

We have already noted that QSS is a branded program from TP-Link. Therefore, it will only work with the routers of this manufacturer. And only with relatively new models, equipped with the physical key Quick Security Setup. In fact, the main purpose of the program is to install the driver for the correct operation of this very key.

In general, if you have a TP-Link router, then installing QSS is a must for you.

- Initial configuration of the router, assigning a name and password to the Wi-Fi hotspot

- Install a driver to use the QSS function (if your router supports QSS);

- Support only for TP-Link routers;

- The need to connect a configurable router via an Ethernet cable;

- fast step-by-step installation.

This product allows you to connect to your router via an ethernet cable and quickly set up a wi-fi hotspot and establish a quick security setup to ensure your data is safely protected. Note that it only works with TP-link routers. The product requires some technical know-how, but step-by-step instructions are provided.
QSS is the official TP-Link software for configuration of the router, allowing connection to the network, setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot, and enabling a Quick Security Setup. An ethernet cable hookup is necessary in order to run the program for the first time.
in this we wanna follow the step by step installation and the main point in this is tp link routers, we can connect the router through the ethernet cable. hookup cable is neccessary to run the program for the first time. we can use the quick security setup and it is safe to use.
QSS TP-Link is a straightforward and reliable piece of software that guides you through the entire process of configuring your wireless network
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