RollBack Rx Home Edition

by Horizon DataSys

A free time machine program that saves important files of you computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Horizon DataSys

Release: RollBack Rx Home Edition 10.7

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The main reason I downloaded Rollback RX Home Edition was to protect a project that I was working on. If it hadn't been for Rollback RX, I would have completely lost that project along with days of hard work on it. Luckily, I was able to fully retrieve my corrupted project within minutes, thanks to this program. Rollback RX has an awesome feature that lets you save up to 7 snapshots of your system so that you can time travel to them whenever you want or need to. You can also lock these snapshots to make sure they don't accidentally get deleted or cycled out. Even if you have snapshots saved from years ago, you can revert back to them as long as you are using this software. When you take a snapshot to save, you don't have to reboot your computer too. The snapshot tool is by far the most impressive feature I've seen on a free time machine software. Now that I'm used to using it, I could never live without it. It's given me the peace of mind I've needed with the critical stuff that is on my rig. 

The user interface is easy to navigate and use. When I had to restore to a previous snapshot, I had no trouble doing so and was able to get the files I needed within minutes. This program also aids in dealing with any malware or viruses you may have since it has tools to detect them. Rollback RX doesn't use or take any serious computing power away from your computer. I hardly notice that it's running. It tries hard to not interfere or interrupt your workflow. It's a sleek program with a ton of features that focuses on fixing problems rather than causing them. 

If you highly value what's on your computer, I suggest you try Rollback RX Home Edition out. I wasn't very big about time machine programs before trying this. It's literally a free program too. Even if you aren't familiar with this type of software, I will try this out before you go out purchasing some other expensive time machine application. Once you use it, you won't have to think or worry about permanently losing important stuff on your computer. It's allowed me to focus more on the work I do, and less on the harmful virtual stuff that may mess with my projects. 

provides backups of important files on your computer

  • VMWare Support
  • Instant snapshots
  • Task Scheduler 
  • Subconsole access tools
  • Malware virus support 
This is a restoration product for a PC. If you crash your PC it can be restored with this software, that would be a good thing to have, it's for similar problems like this with your PC.
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