Aiseesoft FoneLab

by Aiseesoft Studio

A data recovery software compatible with IOS

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Aiseesoft Studio

Release: Aiseesoft FoneLab 10.0.12

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Aiseesoft FoneLab is a software that can really make a difference in your life. I stumbled upon this software because I was in desperate need of recovering data from my previous iPhone. I had important contacts and information stored, but they got deleted by a virus. I didn’t know what to do, so I started searching the internet for answers until I finally got to this software. 

I installed the Fonelab software on my computer, and I really liked the interface from the moment I started the app. The interface is really nice looking and easy to use. I have to say this is the best feature of this software. I began to recover my data, thinking I would only recover the contacts info, but I was surprised and impressed when I notice the tool had recovered basically all the deleted info on my phone. I started searching for a different feature of the app, and I discovered there are 3 ways to recover data one from the IOS device, another one from iTunes, and the third one from iCloud.

Fonelab also works with WhatsApp. This was another feature that just impressed me because I thought my conversations were lost forever. Still, to my surprise, I was able to recover them as well and not only the conversations but also the attachments and media from the app. I would rate this software with 5 stars because it really helped me out in a time of need, and I have used it with my other IOS devices after this incident as well. 

It’s essential to have a tool like this one on your side. You never know when you’re going to lose valuable information, and having software like this one on your corner can really make a difference. The only negative aspect of this tool is that it’s not free; it does have a cost, and the free trial is limited and won’t let you explore all the options. I am happy with this software, so I had no problem paying for the full version, it’s worth it, and the information I recovered was of great value to me. 

Bottom line this tool is fast and easy to use if you give it a shot. It will recover that precious information and save you a whole deal of time and stress.


  • Recovers contacts
  • Recovers images
  • Recovers messages
  • Straight forward interface
  • Compatible with WhatsApp
  • Great and easy to use interface
Hi this is some story of review of this software, i have participated in a college cultural, i took photo with all of my friend, and shoot some good photos of friends and professors, suddenly got deleted photos without knowing me, i felt bad after checking and surfing the web i have been came to know the above pure bliss software called Aisesoft to recover my photos , and purely i have back all my photos its a good thing. highly recommended
FoneLab has saved me couple of time. Being clumsy, I tend to drop my iPhone quite often (spent a small fortune on phone cases). Over the years I managed to completely destroy some of them or lock myself out, but thanks to FoneLab I managed to recover all my data from my phone and even iCloud (where I have most of my important files, so thank god for this app). Definitely recommend to any iPhone owner.
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