by StartIsBack

Windows start menu is back!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: StartIsBack

Release: StartIsBack 2.8.9

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Startisback is a new app you can download to gain back the original windows 7 pulldown startup menu. This helps create a better, easier, clutter-free use of your desktop, where you have access to everything quick and easy. While the app fully integrates into your computer for hassle-free viewing pleasure, some of the old features of the classic view are also back, such as the drag and drop, app search, as well as the well-liked recently used apps menu. The app shows us that Windows is listening: we like the classic view! No clutter, no headache! 

Why use Startisback? Simply because it makes things easier! All the apps are there at your disposal, as well as your regular menus for your computer, such as settings. It just makes life easier, that's why we should use it! The app helps get rid of all that clutter and put everything back together in a way where you'll feel organized and easily access everything on your computer again. 


Easily use the old pull down start menu.
  • Pull down startup menu
  • View through search, drag, and drop, and even the old recently used apps features of the old days. These are features we humbly welcome back to the new windows. 
  • Feature 3 Integrates into your computer with no problem, leaving you with that clutter-free classic desktop we've all missed.

Startisback is an innovative app that is designed for people that miss the old startup menu and want the old classic and easy desktop view back. This app goes above and beyond helping users that find the new windows desktop to be a hassle. This app intends to help bring back the classic Windows 7 desktop view that people love and miss.  

It is very exciting that the start feature Ian’s icon is back for windows. This is a great feature that many people, including myself, like. It is efficient and makes navigating the programs of your person computer very easy. This will be well received by consumers.
Ok so I did not know that they redid the start menu to act like Windows used to be. Unfortunately, I am very accustomed to the way the start menu is now and I do not need to use this.
I was wowed by the beauty and elegance startisback brought to my windows 10. The design compliments the new windows 10 taskbar and design, making them the perfect match. I am much more impressed with the fact I can use the 32x32 Icons and as well get the opportunity to use a really large start button as against the very small windows 10 default button.
I have been very happy with the trial period and have decided to keep StartIsBack. Really great software that has made things easy because it provides quick access to the things I need my computer to do. I would now consider it to be an essential need for my machine. I would give it all the stars and definitely recommend it to friends. Install was a piece of cake and it was ready to go!
It is not free software but it is good to use but most premium features are allowed after you buy it it is an start menu pack for windows i highly recommend it for people who wants to personalize their pc into different and it is easy to use
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