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Virtual stencyl for Windows processor oline

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Stencyl, LLC

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Last revision: Last week

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Stencyl is a constructor of simple two-dimensional games, which was previously known as StencylWorks. The program provides game development and distribution tools for the following platforms: Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. It is also suitable for the development of "browsers" on Flash.

The "developer" will not need knowledge in the field of programming and game-design, but it cannot be said that the process of creating a game in Stencyl is not a difficult task. First, it is very desirable to have a basic knowledge of graphic editors and be able to create simple graphic elements that will later be imported into the working design. Of course, you can use the ready-made Stencyl library, but most of the content in it is paid for. Secondly, you will have to get used to the local system of setting up "scenarios" and scoring/achieving. The good thing about Stencyl is that it is a very popular program in the novice developer community. So you can find a lot of guides on it in the thematic forums.

For those who are not new to game development, Stencyl developers have provided their children with a Code Mode interface that supports external code editors and works on ActionScript 3. In general, despite its simplicity, this designer can be used to work on relatively large projects, create complex links between characters and design non-linear game scenarios. Unfortunately, the free version of Stencyl disables a lot of useful features and tools.

- allows you to create simple two-dimensional games for desktop and mobile platforms;

- does not require the user to have programming or web design knowledge;

- provides tools for publishing finished projects in digital content stores;

- includes a code editor using ActionScript 3 API;

- makes it possible to use "own" graphic materials when working on games.

Wow! I tried using Stencyl and it worked wonders for me. I used it on my MACM and it seems like my graphics and game creations went to new levels. Definitely would recommend!
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