StuffIt Expander

by Smith Micro

A file compressor and unzipper for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Smith Micro

Release: StuffIt Expander 15.01.17

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4771

StuffIt Expander is a file compressor and unzipper for Windows .zip files and Mac StuffIt X .sitx files as well as many other file compression formats.

There are very few pieces of software available capable of handling this number of file formats. The fact that it can handle them without having to decompress them typically speaks to the tremendous appeal and usefulness of this piece of software.


Supports a multitude of compression formats and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Boasts an impressive range of multiple operating system compresion file support. Supported files include: 7-Zip, AppleSingle, Arc, ARJ BinHex, BTOA, bzip2, CABCompact, ProLHA, LZMA, MacBinary, all versionsMIME/Base 64, Private File, SpaceSaver StuffIt compression format used in versions prior 5.xStuffIt v1.5.1 to 8.0.x, including encrypted, segmented and self-extracting archive, (Classic Mac OS file type code 'SIT!'), Unix Compress, PC/Unix 8 bit to 7-bit encoding similar to BinHex, yEncode, ZIP including encrypted, Zip64, general archives: self-extracting and segmented files.

  • Supported file format extensions: (.7z, .cb7), (.as), (.arc), (.arj), (.hqx), (.b2a, .btoa), (.bzip, .bzip2, .bz, .bz2, .tbz, .tbz2,, .tar.bz2), (.cab), (.cptgzip (.gz, .tgz), (.lha, .lzh), (.lzma, .tlzma, .tar.lzma), (.bin, .macbin), (.mime), (.pF), (.rar, .rNN, .cbr, .partNN.rar), (.sit, .sitx, .sit.N, .partNN.sitx, .sea, .exe), (C 'SIT!'), (.tar, .gtar, .gnutar, .ustar, .cbt (.Z, .z, .taz), (.uu, .uue, .enc), (.hqx), (.ync, .y), (.zip, .zNN, .cbz, .exe)
    Most archived files can be viewed, new files added to archives, or deleted without decompressing the original file.
  • Truly unrivaled file support.

When software come out like this that only appeals to a niche but it so well made and so powerful you know it's an act of love for the developer as well as his group of devotees. This software may not have a use for most people but it does for tons of IT professionals and computer nerds everywhere. Most people could use and appreciate this software but only real computer fans will appreciate it for what it truly is.

Sheila Kennedy (unverified)
Every one needs more room. This program helps you make more room for the files we need everyday. In an ever-changing tecno world, space is at a premium. The fact that this can handle anything you need to compress is a total bonus. No complicated install, easy to follow instructions. What are you waiting for
William (unverified)
I really enjoyed using the StuffIT Expander for Windows. It really saves space on things that I download, and I appreciate its usefulness and ease of use. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to save space on the things they download.
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