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by Hancom Inc

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When I first got the opportunity to download ThinkFree Office, I had my doubts that this free program could robustly stand up to the standards of Microsoft.  Since I am only a casual user, however, the bar was a bit lowered.  This software, ThinkFree Office, is more than enough and perfectly adequate for my needs.  I mean, really, you've finally learned all the tricks in MS Office, but you have to keep getting updated, and it's bothersome. Also the fee. Not great, and why?  I mean, how many times do you have to pay for this stupid Microsoft software? This is much better. Download it and forget it. No more bother. Use the word processing unit.  It works just like MS Office.  You need all the expanded basic tools of word processing, ThinkFree Office has it, and more. You can do exactly everything just like it was on MS Office except you're not married to and locked into the horrible Microsoft jail.  Sometimes I also have to use the Calc program, mostly just for viewing.  I need a simple, easy program just to look at some information.  Why should I keep paying Microsoft just so I can look at a spreadsheet for a few moments?  That is purely crazy, nuts. 

Here is the solution. You download. You use Calc. You need a big bunch of bells and whistles, well, fantastic, because they have all that and more!  Crunch the numbers left right forward backward whatever! It's much much better than Microsoft Excel because, again, you download it once and forget it.  No more pay-pay-pay! Always having to renew the subscription. I prefer to buy one time. This is that time. And I can put it on whatever system I like. Unlike Windows, this program gives you the freedom and choice to put it on whatever system you want. YOU are in charge, finally! Put it on Linux or any system you like. It's so simple and easy and works perfectly fine, exactly like what you're used to.

ThinkFree Office is a permanent replacement for MS office with a one off fee that will change the way you look at word processing and data programs. All of the Word and Excel functions that Microsoft users are used to are built into this software and the beauty is that you don't have to renew any subscriptions. Just download it once and away you go.
Nathan Silvers
I love ThinkFree Office. It's basically all the benefits of microsoft office for a cheaper price. Great for somone who does a lot of work on microsoft office and also loves to save money.
Microsoft Word compatible Office software. Imagine being able to edit and access Microsoft Word documents and other Microsoft Office documents without having to pay money to Microsoft! ThinkFree Office is the solution! Gone are the days of where files are restricted behind disgusting paywalls and proprietary software. This software truly allows you to "Think Free" and liberate yourself from the shackles of Microsoft's bloated office suite. This suite is simple and elegant and does not feature as much "software bloat" and needless features as the comptetior from Microsoft.
This is almost an identical copy of Microsoft Office so if you are missing some MS Office at home and don't want to pay for the program, ThinkFree Office is the software to check out. It functions like Office with the option to Write or word process, Show (slideshows and presentations) and Calc (spreadsheet). See the similarities. It's a great piece of software and gets the job done.
Sounds like ThinkFree Office for Windows can be a great alternative to Microsoft office. That's good that it is much more affordable than Microsoft Office and can still do the same job and more. Not only is it a great alternative to Microsoft Office, but it also has features that Microsoft Office does not have, the ability to export pdf files. Since the interface is similar to Microsoft Office it would be pretty easy to navigate around ThinkFree Office for Windows, which is good. Most people hate change and most people already know Microsoft Office so navigating through ThinkFree Office for Windows should be a breeze. Best of all it works on both Android and Windows mobile, which is awesome, it is not limited to any specific OS. I feel ThinkFree Office for Windows seems very promising. I would certainly give it a try!
ThinkFree is fantastic if you're on a budget and don't want to go with Windows Office. Really easy to use and absolutely amazing that it's free. I've been using it for a little while now and haven't encountered any major issues. The only thing I would say is that there are limited language options on the spellcheck, but honestly, that's not really bothered me much so far. Overall, it's a pretty great piece of software considering that it's free. Love that it links to the cloud to save too!
This particular software is very beneficial in so many different ways . It allows me to edit documents, and be creative. I plan to use this software in my business and in my personal life to keep being productive
If we were living in 2000 i would be recommending this software but it is way behind now because it does not support new operating software even though they have android and windows phone versions as well. they left behind in the race because of MS office and google suits. it is way similar MS Office. It is free to use even their mobile versions that's the only best thing about this software.
Work and edit all of your documents with this free-to-download app. This app works on Windows and IOS which makes it an easy choice for many. With this app, you can save data and store it in the cloud to retrieve it later. If Microsoft Office is too expensive or you just don't like to use it, than this app is perfect for you! This app has a whole 1GB of storage as well!
ThinkFree Office was easy to download and I was able to work and edit documents on my MacBook Pro. I really liked the fact that is has a cloud feature on the ThinkFree Office which means I could access my work from anywhere in the world. Highly recommend and I suggest people should use it especially if you are working from home but sometimes meeting elsewhere
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