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With Cometdocs you can convert, manage, store and share your documents

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Cometdocs is a free online Document Management System where you can create and convert several types of documents as PDFs, Microsoft Office extensions, HTML, and more through only one easy application. You can convert the file in just one click, without having to open the document or email. Cometdocs Desktop is the complementary version of the online program developed for the conversion and hosting of documents. The tool, which is already a real hand in the wheel for working entirely in the cloud. It now offers alternatives also for those who want to use it in even more accessible ways. So, in addition to the option developed for portable devices (Android and iOS), there is now also the Cometdocs Desktop - the application that makes the use of the service even more comfortable. What the software does is install shortcuts to the Cometdocs online tools directly from the Windows context menu. That way, instead of accessing the program page on the internet, all you have to do is to right-click on the desired file and choose the type of conversion. Cometdocs Desktop allows you to work with documents in a variety of formats, always converting them to each other. Possibilities include the most popular alternatives on the market.

The good thing is that everything is identified according to the program used for its processing, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Libre Writer, or AutoCAD, for example.


Cometdocs is free software and is available for the Windows platform.
  • One-click conversion - With just one click, you can convert a file without having to open your browser or email.
  • Convert files into the cloud - The converted file goes automatically to your favorite cloud storage folders as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Lightweight and fast - Very easy installation and fast software.
  • Convenient for large files - You can send a large file to your Cometdocs account to manage them faster.

That`s why Cometdocs is the best document management system in the market. 

You will need a Cometdocs account to get started using the software.

Cometdocs is a super handy piece of software for people who work office jobs and constantly are sharing files. The software enables you to file share between users, accepting a wide array of files such as PDF, Docs, Excel, etc which is helpful for collaboration. There's also file conversion too which is quick and efficient unlike other software. Although the free version is limited, the payed version gives many opportunities and provides a lot of value.
Cometdocs for Windows is an extremely useful product for when you need to convert PDF's into any Office file like an Excel or Word file. It can also be used on the phone which is handy. I have had no issues when using the software, and find it is very practical, especially when I am away from the office. I also think it is extremely useful that it is available on both the Apple store, and Google play, that way there's no issues if you do not have the right type of cell phone.
Cometdocs for Windows is an online converter, that can convert a document to anything, from PDF to Word, to PPT, etc. There is an online version, and they are both free. You will need an email to set up an account, but after that you'll be able to convert anything to anything. It's a very useful software for people that have access to one type of file but want it in another file. This software seems really useful.
Cometdocs is very useful, I work in a professional office and convert multiple documents each day, this software would be a perfect solution for converting pdf's and word documents, the simple interface and minimizing to system tray makes the program light and useful. It has dropbox integration too, which is very important while working on documents.I would recommend this product.
The Cometdocs software is software primarily designed for users to convert their files effectively and efficiently without having to go through the traditional mode of going through the browser. With this software, the user is able to convert any type of file to any format such as word to pdf or excel, etc. The beauty of this software is that it can continue to run in the background without ever slowing down one's system. It is amazing for multitasking and especially converting huge files.
Pretty good file converter. Much easier to use than some of the others that i've encountered. For one, Cometdocs is really easy to use and fast to download. It has a very simple UI that you can easily get around as a beginner. I convert files every day at work using the software, and i've never encountered any serious issues. Overall, i'd recommend it highly.
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