by TigerVNC Team

High performance implementation of VNC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TigerVNC Team

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TigerVNC is a completely free program that acts as a client and server to manage a remote computer. During the installation process, you can cancel the installation of the client/server parts or temporarily postpone the launch of the necessary services/processes. If the installation has not been canceled, your PC will be suitable for client connection and remote management as soon as it is completed. To go to the section with server parameters, use the corresponding item of the context menu of the TigerVNC icon in the notification panel. In the Settings window, you can configure security protocols, select permissions for clients, limit the number of connections, and so on.

If you want to use the current computer to connect to others (on which the program is also installed), use the TigerVNC Viewer tool. You can find it in the folder with the installed program. To establish a connection, simply enter the server address and password (if any). The quality of the transmitted TigerVNC image is quite acceptable and directly depends on the speed of connection to the server and client parts of the network. It should be noted that there are no quality/performance ratio settings as such in the program, there is only a section with the parameters of decoding ZRLE, Hexztile and Tight, as well as the settings of color levels. In general, it will be difficult for a novice user to understand the viewer options window.

Among the interesting features of the server we can highlight the mode in which only the image from the remote desktop is broadcast to the client, but the control over the mouse/keyboard and other peripherals is not transferred. The number of clients simultaneously connected to the server in the TigerVNC is not limited.

- performs the functions of the server and client parts to manage computers;

- An unlimited number of clients can be simultaneously connected to one server;

- creates a server service as soon as the installation is complete;

- doesn't "conflict" with popular antivirus software;

- allows you to select the window size and color parameters of the remote session.

Remote management and configuration is a very cool concept. It allows me to operate any device just like a computer. So its very convenient when your on the go and want to access stuff from your desktop or laptop without having to tote it and power it on. Peace of mind with encryption and password makes it very safe.
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